Trademarks of Awesome Copywriters

by Michelle Salater on January 11, 2013

Call it a gift. Call it luck.

But incredible copywriters aren’t simply a channel for the muse—they possess quantifiable traits that lend themselves to greatness.

So how does one go about the business of assessing something so seemingly subjective?

It all boils down to 5 distinct characteristics that go beyond the generic descriptors for standout employees, such as dedication or ambition. Here’s what we’ve found to be true of the best wordsmiths:

1. Awesome copywriters see through the word fog.

The best copywriters can scan a sales page and immediately identify the problems and accurately pinpoint solutions to those problems. Same goes for a story, poem, or speech. A great writer is hardwired to know how words work together to achieve a desired effect.

2. Awesome copywriters fill in the blanks.

A remarkable copywriter’s world is his or her toolbox. Everything they read, watch, consume, or experience is fair game for tomorrow’s source of inspiration.

Of course, this happens subconsciously. But sooner or later, associations begin to form, and suddenly, a character comes to life, a great introduction for an essay is crafted, or an emotion is fully evoked.

3. Awesome copywriters express complicated ideas clearly and accessibly.

Copywriting is the ability to go through everything you want to say, finding the right words, giving shape to poignancy moments through image or scene, and linking all of it to feelings and thoughts. That’s a lot of complex things to juggle simultaneously. Yet the best writers can do this and make it read so seamlessly, it’s hard to conceive of another way it could have been said.

4. Awesome copywriters read with an agenda.

In a great copywriter’s world, reading is the fuel. A good book can job an incredible writer’s mind for months and years after they’ve finished it. But no great writer reads without taking notes—be it mental journaling or writing in the margins of the page. After all, this is the fodder for work to come.

5. Awesome copywriters work and rework.

Copywriting is one thing. But to take content that’s already written and re-visualize it—especially when it’s your own work—is what separates the good enough writers from the awesome writers. It’s the blind drive to keep on working that distinguishes awesome writers and what keeps them from ever settling for “good enough.”

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