Can’t Get Enough: Make Your Blog an Industry Resource

by Michelle Salater on December 19, 2012

When writing a blog, the challenge is always to provide content that will both engage and enthuse your readers.

And yet…inspiration is a wily mistress.

Sometimes the articles seem to write themselves, other times, you’re pacing the room, willing one creative breath to wisp your way.

The good news is you no longer have to wait for the muse to strike to develop creative and “sharable” content. In fact, if you just train your brain to listen to the day-to-day challenges your readers or clients face, you’ll never have a shortage of insights to write about. Helping customers find solutions for their pain points is an easy way to provide information.

Incorporate these tips into your blog-writing repertoire, and you’ll be on your way to creating a go-to content source for your subscribers:

Write reviews. Reviews of products, books, or services in your industry provide a shortcut that saves readers time. Not to mention, this is a great way to network with the companies whose products or services you’re reviewing.

Create longlists. Readers love long lists of quick tips or facts. The draw of having a wealth of information won’t be lost on your subscribers, either. Give your readers a veritable wealth of tips, tactics, and answers and they’ll see it as a resource that they can return to as a reference. For example, wouldn’t you bookmark or share an article titled, “90 Tips for Killer Blogs”? (We would!)

Utilize how-to’s. There’s something about the words “how to” that make us perk up and listen. Perhaps it’s the built-in promise that you’re about to learn something. Maybe it’s the automatic suspense. Whatever the case, the how-to article is irresistible to online readers. Make your subscribers pay attention by mapping out solutions and answers to their most pressing problems.

Post thought leader interviews.
Interviewing experts in your field will not only entice your readers with your guest’s insight—it will also promote your blog through the expert’s networks. Branch out, make a connect, and get creative. These interviews are equally compelling whether they’re in video form, podcast, or the traditional text Q & A.

Feature case studies. Case studies provide the social proof that a certain strategy will work if planned and applied correctly. Research and track down specific examples of how other companies have been successful.

Use the negative headline. As counter-intuitive as it may seem, a negative headline and position will drive more traffic than a positive slant on a story or article. The same phenomenon also propels most sales: people are more driven to alleviate pain rather than to seek out pleasure.

Play the numbers game. Readers love facts and figures.Conveying the latest data about your industry will provide a focus on your blog that will keep your readers coming back for more. Remember to be consistent, and you’ll position your blog as the hub that offers the latest numbers. Hint: you can always use infographics to simplify complex data and facts in an entertaining way!

Break the story. Blogs are quickly becoming the foremost way people receive news and information. Make your blog the digital world’s trusted magazineor newspaper, and provide the latest news to attract and retain your readers. Don’t hesitate to put your own slant on the news to display your grasp of your industry.

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