No More Late Nights: Automate Your Way to a More Productive Day

by Michelle Salater on November 12, 2012

Between interacting with clients, closing sales, generating new leads, and creating marketing campaigns, the daily demands of running a business can be downright tiring—especially for a small business owners. Thanks to Infusionsoft  though, productivity has never been easier, with automated systems in place to streamline these intricate and time-consuming processes.

These are just some of the ways this dynamic software has freed up more hours in our workday, leaving us more time to focus on the bigger picture (like taking care of our clients and dreaming up new ways to grow our business!).

**Full disclosure: Not only are we raving fans of Infusionsoft, but we are also Certified Consultants. 

Automated marketing. We use Infusionsoft to build nurture sequences that automatically send targeted emails that educate leads and foster relationships with our existing clients. After we map out a marketing automation plan, we simply use the systembuilder to send out emails, appointment reminders, extras, and updates, all with a click of the button.

The software evens allows us to segment our list based on any number of variables—such as demographics, behaviors, and purchases—so we reach the exact audience for the message without any manual tinkering.

Best of all, we can track the success rate of our campaigns through comprehensive reports, which saves time and helps us continue to build effective strategies every time.

Attract more leads. With lead activity tracking, we can monitor prospects’ engagement, such as email click-throughs and past purchases and use the insight to separate the buyers from the shoppers. A built-in customer relationship management system even helps us manage our touches and keep track of a growing client base in a streamlined and organized way. It might just be the closest thing we have to reading our prospects’ minds.

Generate referrals. When a purchase is made, we often use Infusionsoft to automatically kick off a targeted email campaign. The result? We keep in touch with our clients, generate referrals or testimonials, and create upsell opportunities based on past buying behavior. Pure magic.

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