Broadcasting Your Business

by Michelle Salater on November 5, 2012

Recently, I launched my radio show, Business Confessional Talk Radio, on the Entrepreneur Podcast Network, and so far, it’s been a blast! Not only do I get to host an incredible array of guest experts from all over the industry spectrum, but I also get the chance to showcase what I love to do: to reinvent communication.

Surprisingly, the medium is largely an untapped resource for many businesses—a shame considering it’s the perfect platform for giving your company an actual voice and further solidifying your brand personality!

If you’re on the fence about broadcasting your business over the radio waves, here are a few points that may just inspire you to take the leap and make your business a radio star:

  • Create great content. As I mentioned earlier, business podcasts are an easy way to pair a live voice with your brand, but it’s also an affordable way to engage your prospects with valuable information. Even better, if you have a stockpile of live webinars, presentations, or blog posts, you can simply record those and have a brand-new podcast episode in a snap.
  • Feature the stories of your best customer. Who doesn’t love a little customer appreciation? Bring one of your favorite clients on the air and interview him or her for your prospects to hear. Not only will you win a warm place in your client’s heart, but also you’re subtly conveying the experience your other prospects can expect from your business. Not to mention, this is a great way to get content on the fly.
  • Network with other industry experts. When you contact an author, industry leader, or expert of any kind with the offer to interview and feature them on your podcast, you’ll be amazed at the quality of guest you can secure and then the quality of content and exposure that can bring your business. Your listeners will appreciate the added perspective, too, and the variety will encourage them to keep tuning in.
  • Build your community. Just like social media and blogs have the power to intimately connect your brand with your target audience, podcasting works the same way to build your fans by raising brand awareness. In addition, when you routinely offer fresh and interesting advice, tips, or host engaging interviews, you position yourself as an expert in your field. That credibility goes a long way when your potential clients are choosing between your company and a competitor who isn’t as well established in your field.
  • Gain a competitive advantage. Does your competitor have an interview with a branding expert on their site? Even if they do, they likely don’t have it in an audio version! Not to mention, the added exposure never hurts when it comes to standing out in a crowd.

Tune in for Business Confessional Talk Radio every Tuesday for more online marketing tips.

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