3 Tips NBC’sThe Office Teaches Us About Sales and Marketing

by Michelle Salater on November 28, 2012

If you tune in toThe Office, you’re watching a comedy about the quirky lives of people who sell paper, form relationships, make blunders, and pull pranks.

Despite the show’s satire, the characters reveal a lot of solid tips on sales and marketing as well!

You don’t have to put a stapler in a Jello mold to make an impression on your clients. If your marketing approach sets itself apart from the competition, and shows customers how your product or service benefits them, you’re golden.

Here are 3 marketing tips learned from watching The Office.

1.      The Michael Scott Example: Tell Your Story.

 By most accounts, Michael Scott isn’t the most effective manager, but he is a brilliant sales professional. He closes sale after sale by telling stories about his childhood, his co-workers, and his love for working in a small business. He never gets too personal, but he connects with his clients. Try this technique next time you’re on a sales call to see how the conversation changes.

2.     The Jim Halpert Example: Use Bold Examples.

 When a customer wants to go with a big chain supplier to save money, Jim asks about the importance of customer service. He illustrates why his company is the better choice by literally showing the client. Jim uses two speaker phones to show how the call waiting time for the competition is over twenty minutes. But when you call Dunder Mifflin, someone answers immediately. Use bold, illustrative examples such as this and see how your prospectives react.

3.     The Dwight Schrute Example: Use Your Personality.

 Not many people would recommend going into a sales meeting wearing overalls covered in beet stains. But Dwight approaches sales and marketing unlike any other. His persistence never comes across as smug. Instead, his sales approach shows his customers how the products are reliable and the customer service is unmatched. When you set yourself apart from your competitors, your customers will take notice.

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