7 Steps for Improving Your Copywriting Productivity

by Michelle Salater on June 11, 2012

The lazy days of summer are in full bloom, but that doesn’t mean your copywriting should lag behind. Check out these seven easy ways to step up your copywriting productivity and start generating copy that gets noticed:

  • Clean your desk. You know you’ve been putting it off too long anyhow. Limiting distractions begins with your workspace. Speaking of limiting distractions…
  • Close your web browser altogether if you can, and set aside your other assignments. Multi-tasking is less efficient than staying focused on one task. Drafts come out much cleaner the first time around when you’re not performing a juggling act.
  • Do not underestimate the power of a daily to-do list. Not only are these lists great for getting you organized, but they also keep you motivated with a built-in morale boost—crossing off an accomplished goal feels like giving yourself a gold star for a job well done.
  • Say what you mean. Literally repeating out loud what you want to write can get your brain into action-mode, almost as though responding to a prompt. Once the literal message is fresh in your mind, finding a way to write it eloquently will be much simpler.
  • Give yourself a break. Whether you take five to stretch or take the dog out for quick sip of sunshine, frequent short breaks will have you working harder after you return to your writing.
  • Read something that fuels you. Good writing of any variety is often fed by good reading. Find a voice that makes you want to write.
  • Put your heart in it. Remember your long-term goals and why you are invested in this work. Nothing feels like drudgery if you genuinely care about it.

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