What Film Can Teach Us about Niche Marketing

by Michelle Salater on May 30, 2012


The importance of targeting your niche market in marketing content can’t be overstated. By understanding your audience’s wants, needs, and pain points, you can demonstrate exactly how you (and your products or services) will improve their lives.

A recent development in the movie industry provides a useful reminder that striking the right chord with the right audience leads to serious revenue and a significant return on investment.

The Niche Market Appeal of “October Baby”

Earlier this year, the movie “October Baby” came on the scene with a powerful anti-abortion message presented through a compelling narrative. The film quickly won endorsements from anti-abortion groups, as well as millions of viewers who shared the values of the film’s characters.

Director Jon Erwin attributes the movie’s success in part to the fact that it doesn’t present the typical Hollywood fare of sex, drugs, and rock-and-roll. Instead, the film appeals to a smaller segment of the U.S. population—a niche audience that isn’t being served by mainstream Hollywood films—and won a devoted following in that group.

“October Baby” isn’t a complete anomaly, either. Other Christian movies have enjoyed similar success—on a scale that small-business owners can appreciate. While these movies may only gross $20 million in box office and DVD sales, many of them, sources note, cost only $2 or $3 million to produce.

The return on investment is extraordinary.

Target Your Niche Market in Your Marketing Content

How can you bring the niche-market success of “October Baby” to your business? Spend time really getting to know your ideal customer. Send out surveys, conduct conversion research, and put yourself in your audience’s shoes.

Some content marketers even suggest creating an “avatar,” or made-up character intended to represent your ideal customer—and then design marketing materials that would appeal to him or her.

However you get better acquainted with your target market, put the information you gather to use refining your marketing materials, your message, your tone, and your calls to action. When you hit the right note, you’ll see the results—instantly.

What challenges do you face identifying with your niche market?

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