What the Copywriters Are Reading

by Michelle Salater on April 27, 2012

The Sumer team may live and breathe online marketing copy while we’re at the office, but when we have some time to spare, we’re quick to dig into offline copy in the form of good old-fashioned books. Here’s a look at how we’re nourishing our brains to keep them fresh and ready to work.

Michelle Salater, President

Michelle is currently reading a book by Ron Wilder, our newest client. The book, Aligned Action: The Key to CEO Effectiveness, offers powerful advice on how CEOs can know what they need to focus themselves and their companies on in order to grow and thrive.

Short, sweet, and to the point, this book is fun to read, thanks in large part to Ron’s prowess as a storyteller. In fact, Michelle notes that she’s on her third read-through! After each reading, she says, she’s found a new nugget of information that, put into action, has greatly affected Sumer’s bottom line and changed the company’s future.

Learn more about Aligned Action here or get your copy here.

Penny Salater, Copy Editor

Penny is enthralled with her current read, David Neagle’s The Millions Within: How to Manifest Exactly What You Want…and Have an EPIC Life! Though she’s just started it, Penny says she can’t get enough of David’s easy-to-digest way of presenting complex material, including detailed explanations of the Universal Laws.

Excited to apply David’s teachings on the law of More Life, Penny is looking forward to increasing her own success and abundance.

The book is currently only available in limited edition, but be sure to check here later this summer, when it’s scheduled for release.

Jess Smith, Account Manager

Jess is currently rereading F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, an American classic about Long Island society life in the 1920s. The book has always been one of Jess’s favorites, in part, she notes, because she hails from the North Shore of Long Island, where the book is set.

She’s also enthralled with the fashion, music, and nightlife of the 1920s, depicted in Gatsby as both glamorous and tragic. Jess is particularly intrigued by Fitzgerald’s portrayal and questioning of the American Dream, a theme that continues to manifest itself in today’s literature and popular culture.

Get your copy here.

Brenna Lemieux, Copywriter

Brenna is currently reading Pulphead, a collection of essays by John Jeremiah Sullivan. On the surface, the essays discuss topics that Brenna didn’t expect to find interesting (including a Christian rock concert, cave art of the Mississippian Indians, and the childhood of Axl Rose), but she’s delighted with how Sullivan’s unique perspective renders fascinating whatever he writes about.

Together, the essays offer a kind of mosaic of 21st-century American life, even though they largely address topics that most Americans might never think of during the course of an ordinary day.

Pulphead is available for purchase here.

What are you reading right now?

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