Boost Your Revenue with Better Copy

by Michelle Salater on April 4, 2012


We’re taking a stand. We’ve had quite enough. And we’re asking all of you to join us in our campaign against boring content.

Why now?

In 2012, an estimated 239 million Americans (more than 75% of the total population) will be online. Research shows that companies that cater to online customers through blogs and other online marketing materials get significantly more web traffic than those that don’t utilize the power of online marketing.

So, we’re hosting a no-cost webinar on April 11 to show entrepreneurs and small-business owners how they can create engaging web copy that expands their influence, increases their market share, and boosts their revenues from online sales.

Create Content That Motivates, Inspires, and Converts, will focus on how small businesses can develop memorable online content that catches prospects’ attention and sparks discussions long after they’ve read it.

Attendees will be let in on strategies that they can use to increase revenue by consistently creating high-quality content, inspiring readers to share messages with their network (which is one of the most effective ways to spread your brand online), and ultimately converting prospects into paying clients.

We’re excited to share the wisdom we’ve gained through the years about how important strong content is to the overall success of an online marketing strategy. Register now, and join us April 11, at 1:00 p.m. Eastern / 10:00 a.m. Pacific.

Get excited to transform your business with killer marketing copy!

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