Curb Appeal: The Secret to Big Business

by Lee Heyward on March 14, 2012


If you’ve ever bought or sold a house, you know about curb appeal. It’s all your real estate agent talks about when listing your home, and it’s what makes you want to stop and go in when you’re driving by. Well, the way you dress is an easy way to give yourself curb appeal. When you stand up in a meeting or walk into a room, people will take notice. They mentally note the fact that they would like to meet you and learn more about what you do.

To add curb appeal to your image, I recommend dressing intentionally. Dressing intentionally is very different from dressing each morning just to put on clothes so you don’t leave the house naked. When going to work, it is the process of thoughtfully putting together an outfit in order to achieve your business goals.

No matter what, your wardrobe should always be:

1. Appropriate

When your image is appropriate, you look like you belong in the industry in which you work in. That way you already look like an expert. We all want to be considered experts, right? And on the other side of that equation, when you hire someone or purchase a product, you want the best. If you don’t look appropriate, people are going to doubt your qualifications and expertise.

2. Professional

This seems like another no brainer. But it’s amazing how easy it is to forget that your entire wardrobe must embody a professional feel. Dressing professionally means that you are dressed in a way that shows you are serious about what you do, and that you are good at it. Wearing business like clothing will give you confidence that you look the part, making you look and feel credible. Everything about your outfit must be professional. Details matter! And they will be noticed.

3. Comfortable

It’s important to not only feel comfortable in your clothes but also to be comfortable with your body type and dress it in the most flattering way. This involves spending time learning about what your body really looks like, not what you think it looks like or wish it looks like. Correct fit can make you forget about your body insecurities, which in turn will make you feel happy, confident, and comfortable with yourself. This way you have one less thing to worry about when you’re pitching to your ideal customer.

4. Strategic

This is one of the most important parts of dressing intentionally. It’s something people often forget but it makes the most impact. If you want to succeed in your business, you must dress in a manner that shows you are the person / company for the job. Give some thought to your goals, your field, where you want your company to be in five years… This attention to detail often separates you from the rest of your colleagues and shows that you have what it takes to make your customers happy.

Take a long, hard look at your work style. Is it all of those things in addition to being an expression of you? Does your work wardrobe help you turn heads and profits?

If you’re ready to up level your business and style join style expert, Lee Heyward, for the no cost webinar “WORK IT! Style Secrets for Business Success.”


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