The 5 Essential Components of Results-Driven Sales Copy

by Michelle Salater on February 10, 2012


Think of your sales copy as an online, text-based salesperson who can sell to your prospective clients 24 / 7. You wouldn’t put just anyone in charge of live sales, and you shouldn’t slap any old block of text online if you want to see results from your sales copy.

Follow these five key tips to create sales copy that converts every time.

  • Target your copy to a specific audience. When you’ve done your homework, you know exactly who your target audience is and what it wants. Copy that converts well reflects that understanding by addressing audience members’ hopes, fears, pain points, and needs. It uses an appropriate level of jargon, a suitable vocabulary and tone, and other rhetorical devices (e.g. humor, external references, repetition, etc.) that resonate with that audience. Though most readers won’t notice these cues consciously, they’ll pick up on them subconsciously and understand that they’ve “come to the right place.”
  • Communicate clearly and efficiently. Online readers have millions of choices before them. In order to convert your readers, it’s essential to make your copy concise and clear. That means maximizing the impact and clarity of headlines, subtitles, lists, internal navigation links and body copy so your readers can decide right away whether you offer what they want. Confused readers click away.
  • Focus on benefits. You know your audience, so you know what’s important to them. Rather than advertising the features of your products or services, focus on the benefits that those products or services will bring to your prospective clients. For example, if you sell copywriting services, rather than putting emphasis on your experience and linguistic deftness, focus on how you’ll save your clients time and frustration while increasing their search engine rankings and click-through conversions.
  • Create a sense of urgency. If there’s no reason for your prospective clients to buy now, there’s a chance they never will. Create urgency by offering limited-time bonuses, coupons that expire, or an introductory price to the first x people who purchase.
  • Call readers to action. Finally, once you’ve primed your prospective clients to purchase, you must tell them exactly what you want them to do. In the call to action, give a specific command (without sounding bossy, of course) so that making the decision to buy is easy. For example, you can encourage readers to “purchase your copy today,” or “request your copy at this special introductory price.”

Remember: your sales copy should be a dynamic, vibrant part of your overall marketing plan. If you’re not seeing the results you want from your website or other  online marketing materials, it may be time to reassess the copy you’re using!

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