Indirect Online Marketing Strategies to Strengthen Your Brand

by Michelle Salater on February 3, 2012


Among the oft-touted essentials of online marketing strategies is the advice to build your name or develop your reputation as an “expert” in your field. This goal is much less tangible than optimizing your blog or expanding your email list, but it’s no less important a component of a uniformly effective marketing strategy.

To help you knock your marketing efforts out of the park, here are some pointers on how to achieve the nebulous goal of building your reputation as an expert in your field.

Get Your Brand Known

It may help to think of this not in terms of gaining the mystical property of expertise for yourself, but rather in terms of strengthening your connections among colleagues, peers, and potential clients.

  • Write a guest blog post. Collaborate with other business owners who cater to a clientele similar to yours. Offer to write a guest blog post  on a topic in your area of expertise. This is a great opportunity to put yourself in front of a new group of people, build links to your site, and establish professional partnerships that might be useful later. Your blog host will likely want to do a guest post on your blog in return; this is another great opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.
  • Comment in relevant forums. If you’re truly an expert on who your clients are and what they want, you’re probably familiar with the forums and web hangouts where they post questions and communicate ideas. Join the conversation by posting on important blogs, forums, or chat pages. Don’t spam these venues with links to your site, though: instead, provide thoughtful, useful feedback and include a link to your page in your profile. This is a subtle, respected way to establish your online presence.
  • Link to your site in your profiles. If you haven’t already included links to your website on all relevant social media profiles, do this now! Providing this link is an important part of expanding your visibility online.
  • Consider affiliate relationships. As you build connections with other business owners, you’ll want to think about establishing affiliate relationships, which provide you exposure to hundreds or thousands of new potential clients instantly.
  • Sponsor relevant events. Want to demonstrate your expertise to a room full of pre-qualified potential clients? Sponsor an upcoming event, and you’ll be instantly connected with hundreds of people whom you could serve. Make the most of these opportunities by networking and meeting as many people as possible at an event.
  • Offer industry news to your readers. Either through a blog or a newsletter , provide your readers with the latest on what’s going on in your industry. One of the hallmarks of expertise is being on the cutting edge of trends and new information, so being the first to report news to your list can translate to major credibility points.

Of course, effectively presenting yourself as an expert requires that you actually have the expertise you need! To stay informed about your industry and the clients you serve, be sure to read relevant publications and subscribe to magazines, ezines, and newsletters that will keep you in the know.

What makes you wild about your favorite experts?



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