How to Increase Your Online Presence & Build a Name for Yourself

by Michelle Salater on February 6, 2012


When it comes to winning new clients, it’s hard to overstate the power of being “known” in your industry. After all, the “know, like, and trust” factor is what lies at the heart of most transactions: if your client knows, likes, and trusts you, chances are good that he or she will hire you.

But in a pinch, just the “know” factor goes a long way. Don’t believe us? Then consider this: political candidates often post signs with only their names. They provide no information about their affiliation, stance on issues, or plans for governance. Despite knowing nothing about these politicians, voters who see those familiar names on Election Day get a jolt of recognition, which can easily translate to a vote (admit it—you’ve been there!).

Building Your Online Presence

As you add name-building activities to your marketing strategy, keep in mind that your goals should be long-term. In other words, don’t inundate yourself with so many name builders that you’ve spread yourself too thin and can’t give each one your best.

  • Write a guest blog post—or series. Sharing information and insight on blogs is a great way to connect with new readers and build your credentials as a sought-after expert. When you propose guest blog posts, be sure to factor in how the host and his or her readers will benefit from what you’ve got to say.
  • Appear as a guest on a podcast. Whether as an expert source, an interviewee, or a commentator, appearing on a podcast is an excellent way to increase your exposure to online audiences. Be proactive about guest appearances: listen to podcasts relevant to your industry and contact the producers when you have something useful to offer.
  • Co-host a telecall or webinar. Many entrepreneurs and small-business owners offer free or low-cost telecalls and webinars to promote new services or products. Connect with people in fields related to yours and offer to co-host one of these events to increase the value offered to clients (and, of course, to make yourself known to people who might want your services!).
  • Review products or services related to your industry. Post on your blog or review sites about books, products, or services that connect to what you do. Give thoughtful feedback and be sure to complete your user profile with information about what you offer and where potential clients can find you online.
  • Add video to your repertoire. If you’ve got the resources to create professional-looking videos, consider creating videos to connect with potential clients . These videos can range from up-beat introductions to practical explanations of some of the most confusing parts of your industry.

Whatever avenues you explore for expanding your online presence, keep in mind that it’s essential to prepare well for each appearance you do. To avoid blunders that could ruin your credibility, be sure you’re well informed about your topic, your host’s work, and major headlines that might come up in conversation.

 What challenges have you faced while trying to build a name for yourself online?

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