Business-Transforming Books: Best Business Success Books—Part I

by Michelle Salater on September 1, 2011


In a recent Sumer’s Secrets newsletter, we asked readers what ONE book has changed how they do business and why. Because we received so much feedback from this question, we decided to turn it into a blog series titled Business-Transforming Books.

In this first part of our series, we’re featuring responses from 3 of our newsletter readers:

Response 1:

From: John Williams

What ONE book has changed how you do business and why?

E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber.

It’s a close call on the one book, but when I look back over the 7 years that I’ve been a life coach for teenagers, this one helped shift my thinking about what I was doing in a fundamental way.

Response 2:

From: Sheila Korte

What ONE book has changed how you do business and why?

The book that has totally changed & defined the way that I operate my Cruise Planners American Express Franchise is: Become the Exception by Mike Marchev.

I used it as a step-by-step guide in setting sales strategy goals. It is written in a light, easy-to-read format and if you are in the sales business then his strategies and principles will work for you. I personally love his no nonsense approach. In Mike’s introduction he discusses how a lot of Americans suffer from the disease of “quit-itis,” basically saying that people quit everything too soon. He talks about it being an epidemic in everything from marriages to exercise programs and he stresses that this “quit-itis” is acute in the sales profession.

In Become the Exception, Mike goes over overcoming obstacles and believing in yourself and other simple steps that can keep your business goals on target. I often refer to Mike’s book when I need a “booster shot” of confidence or some practical words of wisdom. If you follow his steps I have no doubt that “You will become the Exception,” too. Thanks for letting me express my opinion about my favorite business book.

Response 3:

From: Randi Destefano, ASID

What ONE book has changed how you do business and why?

I would choose Bob Burg’s Endless Referrals as the one book that changed how I do business. It was the first book that I picked up when I realized that marketing my business needed to improve. Bob has so many wonderful ideas and tips in the book about networking to be a Go Giver, putting the other person first and looking first to be of help. I definitely recommend this book to everyone!

This concludes Part I of our series on Business-Transforming Books, and if you want to be a part of our series we would love to have you! Just leave a comment on this post with your name and website and blog URLs, and tell us what book has changed the way you do business.

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  • Randi Destefano


    What a wonderful idea to ask for favorite business books!  And thank you for including me in your first blog post.  I’ve just ordered Become the Exception after reading Sheila’s recommendation.


  • webcopywriter

    Randi, we are so appreciative for your response to our question and are delighted that you found benefits in what other responders had to say! We have several more responses that we will turn into blog posts, so stay tuned–you might discover another business book that you want to purchase!

    Also, let us know how you like “Become the Exception,” we’d love to hear your thoughts!

  • Naomi Estment

    Thank you, Michelle – this is such a brilliant idea to share great resources! I’ll investigate these books and look forward to reading about others!

  • Lance

    Thanks Michelle – love this, and the great recommendations I’m taking away from it!!  (and…I’ve just gotten another Bob Burg book to read, too – “It’s Not About You”).  So much great wisdom in the words others share – and great lessons for each of us as we strive to make an even greater impact in this world we live in!

  • webcopywriter

    Hi Dawn, thanks so much for providing us with feedback on your favorite business success book! I’ve added your comment to our list and we will be sure to feature you in one of our upcoming posts on best business success books!

  • webcopywriter

    Thanks, Naomi! Tell us what you think of these books if you end up reading them! We’d love to get second opinions about some.

  • webcopywriter

    Lance, glad you love the recommendations! Let us know how “It’s Not About You” is–we’re curious to see if it’s as amazing as his other books.

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  • Lance

    Michelle – I’ve just finished the “It’s Not About You” book, and it’s excellent!!  Written like a novel, yet filled with so many great ideas on really succeeding in business and in life.  I highly recommend it!!

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  • webcopywriter

    Lance, I’ll definitely have to check out the “It’s Not About You” book–it sounds great! I’m always looking for new business books, and I know my blog audience will love hearing about this one. Thanks for your comment!

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