How to Maximize Online Marketing Efforts

by Michelle Salater on August 11, 2011


In case you missed Part I of this exclusive interview with Janet Slack, lead coach and business consultant for SoloPreneur.Biz, click here.

For Part II of our interview, where Janet continues her discussion on business success tips, see below:

1. How can a company utilize their social media platforms and blog hand in hand to increase exposure and express an accurate brand message?

A comprehensive online marketing strategy allows individuals to easily connect with you in many ways, so that they can become more familiar with you and your business over time. A key component of this is to have a simple path that connects each social media site to your blog, and vice versa. If you are marketing on a particular social media site, along with your blog, you would make sure that the reader that found you on one site could easily find you on the other.

For example if you are using  Facebook marketing, you might want to use an application such as Social RSS that allows your blog posts to automatically post onto a sub-page (tab) of your Facebook business page. Even more important for Facebook visibility would be to manually post the link to each new blog post to the wall of your business page. In the opposite direction, you would want to make sure you have installed the appropriate Facebook widget on your blog so that each blog post has the Facebook Like button attached. That means when a reader clicks the button on your blog, a post about your blog occurs in the Facebook newsfeed for all of that person’s friends. You can get the html code for the Facebook Like button for your blog here.

Every social media site now gives you ways to connect directly to your blog so that you can maximize your marketing exposure. Whatever the site you are using, explore in detail your options. Using our Facebook example and going one step further, perhaps you also decide to use other “social plugins” to give even more community appeal to your blog. Different plugins will display the pictures of those who have Liked your page, for example, or show a stream of recent Likes and comments from Facebook.

2. In your opinion, how important is a marketing strategy when it comes to running a successful business?

It might be too dramatic to compare having a marketing strategy for your business as being equal in importance to being able to breathe, but it’s only a slight exaggeration. The days of having a sustainable business through trial and error marketing are over. Now it is vital to make your marketing decisions strategic and intentional, to know how each piece and each decision fit into the big picture of your marketing plan. Today’s small business success story is one where there is no wasted time, energy, or expenditures on the latest marketing craze that may not be relevant for that business. Smart and strategic comes out ahead every time.

Janet’s area of expertise: Janet is a well-known author, speaker, and blogger on topics related to running a successful small business. She has mentored, coached and supported hundreds of others as they started or grew their own small businesses. Her first book, Mind Your Own Biz, is a guide to starting and developing a coaching business. Janet is a collaborating author of the Amazon best seller How the Fierce Handle Fear. Janet is a social media expert who mentors her clients to profit from their use of social media.

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