8 Tips for Keeping Your Small Business Organized

by Michelle Salater on August 17, 2011


Guest post written by James Adams of Cartridge Save

Today we feature a guest post from a new guest blogger, James Adams, writer for Cartridge Save. In James’ post, he spotlights 8 Tips for Keeping Your Small Business Organized.

See below for James’ guest post:

An organized business has every internal aspect under control. For example, an owner knows how much money is in the bank, how much material is in the inventory, who is working, when deliveries are due and what efforts are made to bring in new customers. Also, all the records and day-to-day activity must be performed in an orderly and accountable manner.

Here are 8 tips for keeping your small business organized that will help you relieve stress and stay profitable.

1. Create an electronic filing system

Most businesses rely heavily on computer resources to keep their records, so it makes sense to create a filing system that makes documents, images, and work files easy to find. Try creating a folder for business planning, sales and marketing, design logos, financial information, legal documents, and human resources. Try creating a separate folder for every product and service that you offer and also keep one to hold your personal information.

2. Avoid distractions

A cluttered office can affect the emotional state of the people who work there, so it is important to get control of clutter. This means that managers and employees alike should keep things put away. This helps avoid unpleasant distractions and also helps when prospective clients and other visitors come. A neat environment is good for everyone.

3. Define Your Goals and Plans

A conscious awareness of what your company is doing will help you stay focused and avoid taking on projects and customers that are inconsistent with your mission. Use a planner or computer software to make sure you always have your goals and plans written down so you can evaluate them on a daily basis.

4. Motivate Your Employees

Employees are more than just a raw material: they are the engine of creativity and productivity that can make or break a business. By showing them respect and finding creative ways to motivate them, they work more efficiently and effectively. This often results in a more organized workplace that gets more done than if you were merely a taskmaster.

5. Organize Storage Space

Many people tend to stuff things into closets and cabinets just to get them out of sight. This may help in the short term, but long term operational efficiencies are realized when a company has well defined storage systems. This means everyone can find the things they need when they need them, rather than wasting valuable time looking through cluttered storage areas. Make sure all shelves and drawers are properly labeled, and that misplaced items are properly stored as soon as they are discovered.

6. Get Control over Paperwork

Many businesses have trouble dealing with paperwork because they typically rely on their computer networks for most business tasks. However, bills, correspondence, catalogs, payments, and other vital documents often come in the mail and end up in a big pile.

7. Open a Repository for Excess Stuff

During ordinary work, employees are likely to come across things that do not have a place. These items tend to pile up as clutter in the workplace. To get a handle on all this stuff in the office, create a box or other place where everyone can put the stuff that doesn’t belong anywhere. Next, schedule time to go through that material and find ways to manage it properly.

8. Start Planning

Every employee needs a planner or a calendar to keep track of all of his or her obligations. Also, routine tasks need to be scheduled on a daily, weekly, monthly, and annual basis. By scheduling time to create future plans you will always be ready when tomorrow comes. Without a plan, many businesses fail to achieve their goals because they do not invest the time and thought necessary to arrive at their objectives.

These 8 tips for keeping your small business organized will get you started in a lifelong process of getting more things done in a more effective way.

About James

James is one of the main writers at a small business called Cartridge Save and mostly spends his time reviewing things such as Samsung ML-1665 toner when he’s not blogging and guest posting.


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