How to Segment Your List to Generate Desired Results

by Michelle Salater on June 30, 2011


If you really want to develop email marketing campaigns that produce your desired results, it’s important to get as personalized as possible. And if you want to get really personal, the only way to do so is by segmenting your list into sections and catering your emails to these niche groups.

When you can turn your emails from mass marketing into segmented marketing campaigns, you dramatically increase the probability that your audience will open your email, read through your email, and take your desired action.

So how does one segment their list? Well, there’s no set way to group your list, but some groups you might create include:

  • Past customers.
  • Current customers.
  • Blog readers / subscribers.
  • Prospective customers (which can be split even further into two groups: referrals and individuals who found you through organic online search).

Now that you have your list broken down into niches, it’s time to generate content for each of these lists. But before you start perspiring, thinking about all of the fresh content you have to develop for each section, let me first tell you that you don’t have to create completely new emails for each of your segments. Sometimes, by just changing a few areas, such as the subject title, headline, introduction paragraph, and / or call to action at the end, you can generate greater results than you would have if you sent the same exact email to your entire list. But keep in mind, there will be times when you need to generate completely fresh content for each of your list niches.

Here’s an example to help you better understand how to write emails that are directed to each of your specific list groups:

Sprinkle & Pop Cupcake Boutique is a famous cupcake and champagne bar in downtown Chicago and is owned by Meagan. Meagan breaks down her list into two segments: out-of-towners and frequent local customers. Because out-of-towners will not be visiting the bar on a regular basis, Meagan decides to send these individuals emails with valuable baking tips and coupon codes for online purchases on a monthly basis. She sends her frequent local shoppers one email per week, inviting them to the bar for special events and even providing them with in-bar offers.

For more email marketing tips, visit our past blog post on How to Get Your Email Read by Your List.

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