How Groupon Helped Two Businesses Increase Profits and Exposure

by Michelle Salater on May 13, 2011


We recently published a blog post on Copy Doodle titled “Do You Say Yea or Nay to Using Groupon for Your Small Business?” In this post, we interviewed Rainer Takahashi, founder of, who discussed the pros and cons of daily deals sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial.

We also received feedback from David Dillinger of, who used Groupon for business in the past. See below for David’s input on Groupon:

As a large e-tailer of travel supplies (, we wanted a way outside of our normal email channels to reach the local demographic. We have to say that we have been very pleased, not only with the response that we received from the Groupon promotion, but also with the customer service side of Groupon, which was exceptional.

From the copywriting to the explanation of exactly how the program will work, etc., the dialog was always open and fruitful. I would highly recommend them, not only for local companies, but also for e-tailers. So whether you are selling travel supplies, travel gear, or anything else in between, and you’re trying to reach a local, untapped demographic, we highly recommend Groupon.

—David Dillinger,,

In addition to David’s response, Hanni Itah, who actually works for Groupon, reached out to us with some case studies. One case study that stuck out the most was on Dr. Martens AirWair Retail Store. For those of you who might not know the brand Dr. Martens, it’s a shoe manufacturing company that has been in business for 50 years.

Dr. Martens was interested in running a Groupon promotion for three of their retail stores. Groupon users in these designated areas received $75 worth of shoes and accessories at Dr. Martens AirWair Retail Store for only $35. According to the Groupon case study for Dr. Martens, “In one month alone, Groupons accounted for 27% of all sales. Not only did Dr. Martens sell thousands of Groupons, but customers were also spending an average of $45 above the value of the Groupon, adding 60% in revenue per transaction.”

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