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by Michelle Salater on May 26, 2011


If you’re not using Facebook to market your business, you’re ignoring the most powerful new business building tool in many years.

Facebook can explode your business by quickly allowing you to . . .
• Build new relationships.
• Establish your creditability as an expert in your field.
• Grow your list.
• Get clients, referrals, and business partners.

There is no other new tool that is giving more amazing results than Facebook. Unfortunately, what goes wrong for many business owners is that they don’t know how to use this important and complicated tool and so they struggle without getting results for their business.

It’s usually a matter of understanding what to do and how to do it. Facebook can be confusing and a waste of time without the right knowledge and strategies. You need the confidence that comes from proven ideas.

Now’s the time to make sure YOU don’t miss any more business because you aren’t marketing or getting results on this powerful site.

You may have seen others who have dramatically grown their businesses in the past two years despite the economy. Let’s get you started with one important way to get those same kinds of measurable results.

Facebook can be the tool that . . .

• Easily builds your email marketing list into a targeted group that is glad to get communication from you and is responsive to your information and offers.
• Solidifies your position as an expert in your field so that others WANT to be connected to you and are ASKING to hire you.
• Grows your confidence so that you can succeed by giving a means for thoroughly understanding those in your target market and beginning deep connections with potential clients.

Janet Slack is a social media expert and coach who has doubled her own business in the past two years through the use of Facebook and other social media sites. On this free call, What Really Works with Facebook Marketing, she’ll be teaching what every business owner needs to know about the giant marketing tool called Facebook.

This free call, What Really Works with Facebook Marketing, happens Wednesday, June 1 at 1:00 p.m. ET, 10:00 a.m. PT.

Here’s what you will learn on this call:
• How Facebook can help your business and how it can’t
• Three steps to separating personal and business use on Facebook
• Time management tips for Facebook Marketing
• Two key strategies to Facebook marketing success

Janet is very skilled at explaining complicated systems in ways that everyone can understand. She plans to cut right to the heart of Facebook marketing and share those ideas that are proven to be the most effective—what really works—so you can have confidence in what you do on Facebook.

Make sure to register right away so you can get a “seat” for this hot topic. Click here to claim your spot.

This call will be recorded for all registrants, but you’ll want to be there in person so that you deeply understand the details of Facebook.

Join me on this call for some “HOT” ideas!

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  • Anonymous

    Facebook is the most popular social networking site and it include many companies and users. Many times, it uses as marketing purpose. It is very important part of internet marketing.

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