Planning Your Marketing Strategy After the Launch of your Website

by Michelle Salater on March 14, 2011


Whether you’re in the works of having your website redone or have just approved your final site design, creating a marketing strategy that will help your site gain targeted exposure is essential. A website that lacks a supportive marketing strategy will also lack visitors. And when you don’t have any site visitors, how do you expect to convert prospects into customers? When you have an effective marketing strategy that reaches your targeted clientele, you’ll begin seeing an increase in traffic and conversions.

It’s a waste of money, time, and energy to just let your website sit and collect dust without actively driving traffic to it. You must be proactive and take the initiative to connect with your prospects and turn them into paying customers.

Unless you harness the power of personal connection across the Internet, your unique brand message will never be heard by the people you are trying to reach.

Below are 5 components to include in your website marketing strategy:

1. Newsletters: Writing a weekly or bi-weekly electronic newsletter for your customers is the perfect way to stay in front of them and encourage them to visit your website more often.

There are no set rules for what makes an effective newsletter; therefore, don’t be afraid to try new things and be creative. Your newsletter could provide tips, feature a video, spotlight new products, or focus on a case study. At the end of each newsletter, you can provide a coupon or discount for subscribers to use as an incentive for them to visit your website.

2. Social Media: Interacting with others in your industry, key influencers, peers, current customers, and past customers is one of the most effective ways to build a connection between these individuals and your brand. These real-time interactions enable you to share your brand message with the world and increase brand awareness.

In order to make the most of your time on social media, find out where your target audience is and give them what they want. For example, if your target market is busy moms who use Facebook and Twitter to find great deals and enter contests, then you’ll definitely want to get in front of them with coupons and contest opportunities. This will help increase awareness for your brand and encourage prospects to visit your website to learn more about your business.

3. Blog Commenting: Whenever you comment on a blog, you not only gain exposure to the blogger, but you also get in front of his or her entire blog readership. And, whenever you comment on a blog, there are various fields that you must fill out including your name, website URL, email, and comment. Your name and website URL are shared when you post your comment (your email, however, is not). This means that the blog’s readers can click your website URL to learn more if they are intrigued by your comment.

Always comment on blogs that pertain to your industry or have readers that fit the profile of your target audience.

4. Blogging: Creating your own blog and hosting it as a subdomain on your website will not only assist you in positioning yourself as an industry expert, but you’ll also be able to drive readers to your website quickly and easily. If your blog readers find your posts valuable, they’ll be more inclined to visit your site and learn more about your brand and what you can do for them.

5. Article Marketing: Don’t worry, you don’t have to generate fresh content for article marketing. Simply take some of your old, non-promotional blog posts and repurpose them into articles. Then, submit these articles to online directories such as There’s an area at the end of your articles where you can place a call to action, along with two links. We’ve found article marketing to be extremely efficient in terms of driving traffic to our website and are confident you will, too.

When you implement a result-producing marketing strategy, you’ll build brand recognition, increase website traffic, connect with key influencers and prospects, and stay in front of current and past clients.

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  • Kathy, The Online Close

    Agreed! This is SUCH a critical step in getting more clients through your website. No traffic, no clients. We believe so strongly in this piece that we have an entire step dedicated to it in our 10-step Online Close process. Great suggestions Michelle…these are easy tactics that ANY website owner can implement! – Kathy

  • webcopywriter

    Hi Kathy, thanks so much! And just like you have an entire step in your Online Close process program that covers Planning Your Marketing Strategy, we have a service that focuses primarily on creating an effective marketing plan for when your website launches. I’ve found that many business owners don’t realize the importance of creating a marketing strategy prior to the launch of their website. Many times they think that people will just happen to stumble upon the website and that’s where they’ll get all of their traffic.

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    Okay! That is a fundamental step to get more customers through your website. No traffic, no customers. We believe, therefore, in this room we have a whole stage dedicated to information technology in our line About 10 steps. Great suggestions … Michelle are easy tactics that each owner can run the website! – Kathy

  • webcopywriter

    Hi Erica,

    It’s definitely fine to do a newsletter once every other month! There are no set rules. But, if you want to start doing a newsletter once PER month, try making a three-minute video of you discussing tips or you can even repurpose an old blog post.

  • Anonymous

    Nice tips. I just started a newsletter, but I have no time to do one every month, so I do not plan every two months. Or if you loose the interest of the people? Maybe I’m still excited about my bi-monthly e-mail!
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    Seems like that quick and resourceful will outlive all of our smart
    people :)

    by the way, I think social media should putting on the first position
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