Best Practices for Using Your Facebook Company Page

by Michelle Salater on March 9, 2011


Guess what! Facebook has recently made some major changes. Big shocker, I know.

One of the most recent and exciting changes is that company pages can now interact on other company pages. So if you commented as your company on another Facebook company page, fans of the other page would see your company avatar and would be able to click on your avatar and be directed to your Facebook company page (phew! That was a tongue twister). You can now choose whether you want to interact on Facebook as your company page or as your personal profile, and you can switch back and forth instantaneously.

When you choose to interact as your company page, the Facebook layout changes and you’ll only see the newsfeed of the pages you have liked; rather than seeing newsfeed from all of your friends and liked pages.

It’s also important to note that in order for this feature to remain on Facebook, and in order to retain and increase your company fan base, it’s crucial not to abuse this interactive feature. In other words, don’t spam other pages that you follow.

Below is an example of how to appropriately use this new and exciting feature:

A. In the screen grab below, you’ll notice that Hills of Africa posted something interesting and relevant to their Facebook company page wall.

You’ll also notice that Craig, the Facebook admin of travel blog yTravel, sees the information that Hills of Africa posted on their company page wall and comments (see screen grab below):

Craig then decides to share the same post on his Facebook company page (yTravel). Since the admin for Hills of Africa “Likes” yTravel blog’s company page on Facebook, the admin can switch onto the Hills of Africa page and comment as Hills of Africa on Craig’s Facebook page, yTravel. (See screen grab below):

B. You’ll start to notice that the conversation begins to spread virally. As you can see in the example above, Lauren Rains also commented on the story on yTravel blog’s Facebook page.

Lauren then re-published the story on her personal wall (See screen grab below).

While Lauren has her own Facebook page (aside from her personal profile), she decided to post the story on her personal profile wall, which has six times the following as her Facebook page. If one of Hills of Africa’s team members were friends with Lauren, they could have left a note on the wall of her personal profile as themselves (their personal profile, not as Hills of Africa).

Here’s how to act as your company page:

1. Sign into Facebook and visit your company page.

2. On the right corner, you’ll see an area that says “Use Facebook as YOUR COMPANY NAME.” You’ll click this to convert your avatar from your personal page to your company page (this means whenever you comment on someone else’s page you will be commenting as your company page, not as your personal page).

3. Then, just visit the pages you want to comment on to comment as your company page. Just make sure when commenting that it shows the “avatar” of the page you want to comment as. It will do this as soon as you click inside the white box to comment. See the screen grab below.

**NOTE: You must go back to your company page and click “Use Facebook as YOUR PERSONAL NAME,” in order to switch back to commenting from your personal account.

See a screen grab below that illustrates this feature:

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  • Lauren Rains

    This is awesome! I hadn’t even noticed the “Use Facebook As” option until now! I am definitely going to start taking advantage of that!!
    Thanks for this awesome case study Spencer – social media amazes me all the time :)

  • Virtual office assistant

    Social media is the best way to get connected with potential customers and Facebook is definitely a one to do so. Thanks for sharing the info abut “Use Facebook As”. I am going to start it today.

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  • Anonymous

    It’s great! I had not noticed the “Use Facebook as” option so far! Since then start taking advantage of that!
    Thank you for this great case study Spencer – social media amazes me all the time
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