5 Ways to Attract and Keep Loyal Guest Bloggers (HINT: Treat them Well)

by Michelle Salater on March 4, 2011


Similar to any other type of relationship, the foundation of blogger relationships is based on reciprocity. If one member of the relationship feels taken advantage of or disrespected, it’s likely that the relationship will fail and all the results you worked so hard to achieve will, in turn, crumble.

For example, if you were asked to guest blog and the blogger spelled your name wrong and published your post without telling you, you’d probably be pretty flustered and less willing to guest post for him or her again. Not to mention, you probably wouldn’t recommend any of your other friends to guest blog for that particular blogger.

Below are 5 ways to ensure that you do everything in your power to keep a working relationship with valuable guest bloggers:

1. Introduce Yourself: First, take a look at the blog you wish to write a guest post for. The blogger might have an area designated for media and other bloggers that instructs these individuals on how and when the blogger prefers to be contacted. Contact the blogger exactly how he or she requests. If there are no guidelines for contacting him or her, then send a friendly email introducing yourself and telling him or her that you’re interested in having him or her guest post on your blog. Also, let the blogger know that you will write a guest post for his or her blog, as well, if desired. Don’t forget to include a link to your blog and your contact information—including your email and social media links.

2. Make the process as smooth as possible: It can be frustrating for both you and the guest blogger when there’s miscommunication or tons of emails going back and forth requesting and clarifying information. In order to reduce the number of unnecessary emails between the two of you, outline all the materials you’ll need from the guest blogger, prior to sending him or her a blog topic or interview questions. Compile an email that outlines all the materials you’ll need from the guest, as well as the date you wish to receive the guest post and the date you expect to publish the guest post. You should also request the blogger’s logo or head shot and any other images, a brief bio, links, and any contact information for publishing.

Format the email so that the recipient can clearly see what you’d like for him or her to send to you in order to give him or her proper credit for the post.

3. Fact and spell check: Nothing is worse than spelling your guest blogger’s name wrong. Always, always triple check your guest blogger’s name, his or her company name, and any other information that goes along with the guest post.

4. Provide guest bloggers with a link to their post: Once your guest blogger’s post publishes, immediately grab the post URL and send it to the guest blogger, informing him or her that the post has published. Thank him or her again for the contribution and keep the lines of communication open for future projects.

5. Promote the guest blogger’s post: When a guest blogger sees that you are promoting his or her guest post across your social media outlets to all of your various followers and markets, he or she will be much more likely to become a repeat contributor to your blog. The reason for this is because guest bloggers love to receive exposure for their posts and reach new markets. The more readers they receive from the guest spot, the more likely they’ll take the time to write a post for you again.

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1 Blase Ciabaton March 5, 2011 at 5:01 pm

Thanks for sharing this insightful post Michelle. These are all great tips. I think that tips #4 and #5 are the most overlooked. If someone takes that time to create and share a great guest post than promoting the post is critical.

In my experience, guest posting is the best way to expand your audience. As you and I know, guest posting can lead to bigger things like joint presentations & webinars, referral business and business partnerships.

2 Anonymous March 7, 2011 at 3:47 am

Agree ! it works well with my tiny blog.

Khach san – khach san sai gon – Khach san da lat- Khach san ha noi

3 webcopywriter March 7, 2011 at 2:53 pm

Hi Blase,

That’s absolutely true! You and I have seen first hand the power of guest posting and how it can lead to greater opportunities. I’ve participated in a variety of webinars with past guest bloggers and have seen wonderful results from all opportunities.

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