3 Ways to Aesthetically Spice up Your Facebook Company Page

by Michelle Salater on March 24, 2011


Are you constantly looking at Facebook company pages saying “How can I get my page to look like that?” If so, here are a few features you’ll want to consider adding to your Facebook page to ensure that it appears and operates like a miniwebsite and encourages Facebook users to “Like” your page and participate on it:

1. Create a skyscraper: A skyscraper is an image that is placed in the profile picture area of your Facebook company page. Here are a few things to include on your skyscraper:

  • Your logo: Allow people to associate your company with your Facebook page.
  • A brief company synopsis: Tell Facebook visitors what your company does in a brief sentence.
  • Contact information: Be sure to add your company phone number (fax if applicable) and an email for Facebook followers to contact you quickly and easily.
  • Important links: Add links to your other social media accounts including Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, StumbleUpon, etc., as well as your blog and website URLs.

Below are a few examples of great skyscrapers:

Image above of Sumèr’s Facebook skyscraper.

Image above of Hills of Africa’s Facebook skyscraper.

2. Create a Facebook landing page / welcome page: Your Facebook company landing page should work to encourage prospects to take your desired action—whether you want them to sign up for your newsletter, visit your website, use a coupon, or visit your YouTube page. You can use this page to place anything from images to links to your other social media accounts, a newsletter signup box to a blog RSS feed, coupons and promotions to product / service spotlights, and upcoming events to a webinar registration page. With so much room for creativity, the possibilities are endless.

Below are a few examples of effective Facebook landing pages:

Image above of Pure Michigan’s Facebook landing page.

Image above of Blue Key Inc.’s Facebook landing page.

3. RSS Graffiti:

If you have a variety of online platforms that update periodically (such as a blog, Twitter, or YouTube), RSS Graffiti pulls your new entries from those sites and posts them on your Facebook wall. You can have a variety of feeds pulling onto your Facebook company page so that you don’t have to waste time adding content from your other social media sites, blog, and website to your Facebook page.

See below for an example of RSS Graffiti operating on the Pure Michigan Facebook page:

Image above of Travel Research Online’s Facebook page using RSS Graffiti.

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  • https://twitter.com/DanielMcCarter Daniel McCarter

    I’m confused and lost. How do you link an image to your other social media accounts on the facebook landing page? I’m trying to do it similarly to how Pure Michigan did. Thank you!

    Also, how do you add a share feature that would allow people to click a twitter/facebook icon and tweet/post landing page info to followers/fans? Thanks!

  • https://writtenbysumer.com/blog webcopywriter

    Hi Daniel, a programmer with HTML knowledge can create a Facebook landing page similar to Pure Michigan and create share features as well as links to your other social media accounts.

  • https://twitter.com/DanielMcCarter Daniel McCarter

    I’m trying to do it myself, for a project. I know some HTML, but do you know any sites or person who can assist?

  • https://writtenbysumer.com/blog webcopywriter

    You might find this article helpful: https://www.allfacebook.com/facebook-landing-page-2011-03

  • Mckenz303

    What are the dimensions of the skyscraper profile image?

  • https://writtenbysumer.com/blog webcopywriter

    Hi Mckenz303, a skyscrapper profile image is usually 180 pixels X 450 pixels in size.

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