How to Create an Arsenal of Powerful Keywords for Your Business Blog

by Michelle Salater on February 3, 2011

Keywords play a crucial role in the ranking of your blog posts. When used effectively throughout the content of your posts, keywords can dramatically increase your search engine rankings. Although there are other essential factors that help to increase page ranking—such as page load time, image alt tags, inbound and outbound links, and posting frequency—keywords must also be considered when optimizing your posts.

Here are a few keyword research tips to help you find the best keywords for your blog:

1. Know your blog audience: Who is reading your blog? What problem are you solving for your blog readership? What key terms and keywords would your target audience search for based on their specific needs? How does your blog help solve your audience’s problems?

Now that you know your audience and what they’re looking for in your blog, it’s time to start your keyword research.

2. Use a keyword research tool: There are lots of great online keyword research tools to choose. Some of these tools cost a monthly or annual fee and others are free. One of our favorite keyword research tools is Wordtracker, which enables you to perform online market research to stay ahead of the competition and generate thousands of relevant keywords to use in your web copy and blog copy.

We also love Google AdWords, which is a free online tool that generates thousands of keywords related to a specific industry or key phrase. This tool enables you to view how much competition a particular keyword has (in other words, how many other businesses are using the same keyword) and how often the keyword is searched per month on a global basis. Google AdWords also allows you to see how many searches were performed locally over the past month, as well as view local search trends.

See below for a screen grab of Google AdWords’ keyword research tool.

What’s your favorite keyword research tool?

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