How to Make Money off the DIY Trend

by Michelle Salater on November 10, 2010

As many individuals are placing less and less trust in authority and with the residual financial effects of the recession, a new culture as emerged with some people adapting the do-it-yourself concept into their lifestyles. If they can save some money and not have to rely on big business or government, they’ll do it.

With this shift in mindset, it would behoove you to create products / services that complement this group of individuals. In other words, create a DIY package that provides clients with the tools and strategies they need to do the job themselves—whatever that job may be.

For example, if you’re a wedding planner and want to offer a product to brides who might not be able to afford your services, creating a DIY package that explains step-by-step how to plan their dream wedding would be a great way to make more money. To this you might say, “Well then, I wouldn’t be able to sell my service if I’m selling a DIY product.” Wrong. Not everyone wants to plan a wedding themselves. Your ideal clients are not going to be the DIYers; rather, they’re individuals who are busy and need your service and expertise. You will continue to sell your main wedding-planning service, and you’ll sell it to your ideal client who can afford your valuable services.

The DIY package is simply another way to make more money for your business, tap into a new market, and share your expertise and brand message.

When creating a DIY package for your business, first create an outline for your DIY system. How many steps are involved in the process, and what tips can you provide for each step? Be sure that all of your steps are easily digestible and can be implemented by anyone purchasing the product.

Once you have a foundation for your outline, decide how you want to package your product. There are a variety of options here. I’ve seen DIY products in the form of DVDs or online video with an accompanying workbook, an automated webinar series, or annual bootcamps / workshops that feature a series of live calls.

When you decide how you want to package your product, it’s time to finalize your outline and gather any materials necessary to send to purchasers. Creating a workbook to go with the steps is a great way to allow people to visualize their progress with your step-by-step program. Depending on how you package your product, this workbook might be sent via the postal service or an email in a PDF form, or hosted on a website where purchasers can download it.

Once your product is set for unveiling, create a page within your website where consumers can purchase it with the click of a button. For even more exposure, start an affiliate program and market your product on the sidebar of your blog or your social media profiles.

Did this post inspire you to create your own DIY product?

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