How to Know When It’s Time to Redesign Your Marketing Materials

by Michelle Salater on August 12, 2010


As part of our blog series When Is It Time for a Business Makeover? where we interview brand identity designers on tips for keeping a business image fresh, we interviewed our Sumèr logo creator, Becky Hoppmann. Specializing in website design, print design, branding, and other marketing solutions, Becky and her husband are the founders and designers for Hoppmann Creative.

In the below interview, Becky shares her expertise on why investing in your brand image is crucial for business success.

Read the interview below:

1. How would you advise business owners who know they need an updated website design, but don’t have the money right now to invest?

Wait until you CAN commit a budget to a redesign. Marketing is an important part of your business and shouldn’t be an afterthought. Realize that there is value in what a professional designer can bring to your business, but it will come at a cost. That being said, most designers or firms can be flexible on payments; therefore, ask to break up your costs over an agreed-upon time frame.

2. In your opinion, when is it time for a business to invest in a makeover? Specifically, how often should a company update the logo, marketing materials, and website?

A corporate redesign should be a part of an overall plan to meet a goal. If business is going great, maybe it’s not time to rock the boat. But, if there is new competition on the horizon, you need to raise your prices, you want to grow into new markets, or you’re trying to raise company awareness, then the time could be right. We believe in equity of a brand, so we’re not big fans of changing logos or overall looks too often—it’s best to have a well-done change, and then let it grow on its own for awhile.

3. What should businesses be looking for in a logo / website designer? What qualifications do you think people need to look for? What red flags should they be aware of?

A portfolio of past work is a good start, as well as word of mouth. Make sure they can give you a schedule of how your logo or site will be developed and that they are easy to communicate with. I would always recommend a professional who pays his rent by designing. A part-time freelancer may be cheaper, but you always get what you pay for!

4. You created the Sumèr logo, which is priceless to us! Using our company as an example, how did you perceive our brand and what was your thought process when creating the logo in terms of its connection to our brand message?

First off—I have to say that working with Michelle and Brittany of Sumèr was such an enjoyable process. It is always appreciated to have clients that value what you do and your professional opinions—the work will always reflect that and be more successful.

Much of the logo process is looking at whom you are designing for, such as where they have been and where they want to go. With that said, the research and vibe that was present with Michelle was one of experience, not only from her education and past work, but also from her travels as well.  The Sumèr logo needed to stand for something original, fun, stylish, and eclectic—I think we achieved just that!

About Hoppmann Creative:

Visit Hoppmann Creative online.

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