Who’s on Our Blogroll and Why

by Michelle Salater on July 7, 2010

Below, we’ve broken down each blogger on our blogroll to explain to our readers the impact these bloggers have had on the blogosphere and why we listen to their valuable advice:

Brian Solis PR2.0

As the author of Engage and an avid PR guru, Brian Solis is one of our favorite bloggers and offers readers nothing but the best advice in PR and social media marketing. He is truly a genius when it comes to online marketing! https://www.briansolis.com/

Twitter: @briansolis

Live the Magic of Africa

Not only is this blog one of the best blogs about Africa (if you didn’t know, we love Africa), but the bloggers behind it are making a huge impact on Africa itself and in the world of travel to Africa. Hills of Africa Travel, a company that specializes in planning luxurious, customized African safari vacations and honeymoon safaris, is using their blog, Live the Magic of Africa, as an additional resource for travelers who are either considering or planning a trip to Africa. https://www.livethemagicofafrica.com/

Twitter: @HillsofAfrica


Named one of the Top 100 Social Media and Internet Marketing Bloggers, Mathew Langford, blogger for MATTFLIES, offers some of the best advice on Internet technology, marketing success, and Web 2.0 trends. Not to mention, Mathew is a wonderful person and a great blogger to get to know! https://mattflies.com/

Twitter: @Matt425

Power to Fight the Big Boys

We enjoy this blog for its excellent case studies and brilliant guest blogger interviews on online marketing and PR. Power to Fight the Big Boys is a business blog designed to help the best small businesses dominate their space on the Internet and provides them with the tips and power necessary to fight the big boys. https://powertofightthebigboys.com/

Twitter: @dscweb

Quips and Tips

We love this blog for its wonderful tips and advice on writing and blogging. Not to mention, the author of this blog, Laurie Pawlik-Kienlen, has an upbeat personality that’s engaging and a breath of fresh air. https://theadventurouswriter.com/blogwriting/

Twitter: @quipsandtips

Sherbet Blossom

As one of our favorite blog designers, Hannah, owner of Sherbet Blossom Designs and author of Sherbet Blossom blog, combines great blogging and design tips with adorable graphics, great photos, and cute craft and cooking ideas. https://sherbetblossom.blogspot.com/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sherbet-Blossom-Designs/158812386289?ref=nf

Style Tips and Tricks

Providing advice on everything from professional attire to in-person networking tips, and personal style tips to everyday wardrobe advice, Lee Heyward, author of Style Tips and Tricks, is the perfect resource for business professionals looking to make the ultimate first impression. Lee has also been featured as a guest blogger on Sumèr’s blog several times for her stellar advice. https://charlestonstyleconcierge.com/blog/

Twitter: @StyleConcierge

Style Unzipped

Fashion guru Maggie Winterfeldt (also Sumèr’s wonderful Life after Launch project manager) provides readers with information on the latest style trends, runway shows, and her top style picks. From fun nail polish colors to fashion-forward dresses, Maggie covers everything in her fabulous blog, Style Unzipped.  https://www.styleunzipped.com/

Twitter: @MWinterfeldt

The Bloggers’ Bulletin

As one of the greatest bloggers’ resource on the Internet, The Bloggers’ Bulletin offers advice on everything from enhancing your blogging skills to starting a blog. This blog has a variety of contributing bloggers who all add a dynamic element to every aspect of The Bloggers’ Bulletin. https://www.thebloggersbulletin.org/

Twitter: @BloggerBulletin

The Direct Mail Man

With advice ranging everywhere from direct mail marketing to print collateral tips, The Direct Mail Man is a great blog for businesses looking for direct mailing and marketing solutions. https://www.thedirectmailman.com

Twitter: @TheDMailMan

The Good Stuff Guide

We love this blog for several reasons. In no particular order of importance, we love the woman behind this genius blog, Heidi Farmer, and we love the content and design of The Good Stuff Guide. Every element of this blog is engaging. We also interviewed Heidi for our blog on What a Successful Blogger Looks Like. https://www.thegoodstuffguide.com/

Twitter: @goodstuffguide

Who’s on your blogroll and why? Let us know in our comments section.


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  • Doug Stewart
    Thank you Michelle. I appreciate the blogroll love. You are on my blogroll too.
  • Matt Langford
    Wow, thank you so much for including me on this list! It's quite an honor to be in such good company!
  • The pleasure was all ours Matt! Thanks for providing such excellent content on your blog :)
  • Laurie PK
    Thank you so much for including me in your blogroll -- it's feedback like this that keeps me going! I can't decide what to do first: print and post the lovely write up about Quips and Tips, or check out the other blogs you recommend :-)

    All good things,
  • Laurie, it is our pleasure to have you on our blogroll! You're an excellent blogger who deserves recognition. :)
  • Sandy Salle
    What a lovely surprise this morning to see this post. Thank you very much for featuring Hills of Africa and like Lee and Blase, I'm honored to be amongst the other amazing bloggers!
  • Blase and Lee, you are quite welcome. Thanks for running such informative blogs!
  • Lee
    Thank you Sumer! I'm really touched to be a part of this blog. What a great blog and an awesome example of unique ways to provide interesting value to your readers. Love it!
  • Blase Ciabaton
    Thanks Michelle-I'm honored to be included on your blogroll, and I'm humbled to share it with such great company! Thanks for taking the time to highlight this great list!
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