Social Media Success: Interview with Personal Concierge Company YuDu

by Michelle Salater on May 28, 2010


As part of our How Did They Do It? series, where we interview and spotlight companies who are successfully marketing their brands online, this post focuses on the successes of personal concierge company, YuDu.

YuDu helps businesses and individuals fulfill their daily to-do lists. As a small business owner, I have to wear more than one hat. I cannot do it all. As much as I’d like to think I can, I can’t. So, I hired YuDu to help me with both business and personal tasks. I’ve asked co-owner Sarah Hays if she’d share her marketing strategies with our blog readers.

Below is the interview:

1. Where do you spend most of your marketing dollars: on- or offline? What past results have impacted your marketing spending decisions?

Does website creation count in marketing dollars? If so, I spent about half of my budget online and half of it offline. If you take out the website, I have spent most of my money offline on brochures, promotional items, and a few ads here and there. I also did some online pay per click through Google, which cost about $700—unfortunately I got nowhere with it.

Overall, most of my online marketing is via social media, email campaigns, and online news outlets.

2. How has marketing online affected the way customers and prospects perceive and engage with your brand?

I have a fairly active participation from people via social media. I think that they see us as a fun and outgoing company! People hear about us and see our posts on Facebook and enjoy interacting with us.

Also, our blog has popped up in Google searches, which says to me that we’re doing something right. But the blog does need some work for sure.

3. Has your blog or Facebook company page helped increase awareness for your brand? In what ways?

Yes. I have actually gotten new clients from people seeing our posts on their friends’ pages. When I am out in public, I frequently hear people say “Oh! I saw your post today. I didn’t know you guys could do that, too!” We grew organically via Facebook and have been quite happy with the interaction.

4. What online marketing strategy has brought in the greatest results for your business? What are those results? And why do you think that is?

Email newsletters continue to have a successful open rate (over 20%). Facebook friends are added each week, and the questions we ask on our Facebook page continue to be answered by our clients / friends. We also have a lot of interaction / suggestions from clients and friends on our Facebook page.

5. Where do you plan on putting your energy in 2010 as it relates to marketing?

We definitely plan on putting more of our efforts into blogging, improving newsletters, and creating better promotional items.

About YuDu and Sarah Hayes:

YuDu personal concierge services serves as a decisive overseer of daily tasks for individuals and corporations. They offer personalized concierge services to individuals and corporations who desire exceptional quality of service as their tasks are completed quickly and effectively.

YuDu’s goal is to give back precious time, ultimately providing clients with the opportunity to focus on priorities in life like family and friends or building a profitable business or prosperous career.

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