Want to Grow? Then Invest. Here’s Why.

by Michelle Salater on April 28, 2010

Investing in your business is essential if you plan on growing and achieving your professional and personal goals. Not convinced?

In the below article written by Cari Volmer of Life on Track, Cari offers the three essential ways to invest in yourself and your business if you want to grow and thrive.

Want to Grow? Then Invest. Here’s Why.

As soul-inspired business owners we have a burning desire to spread our messages to those we feel most called to serve. We can feel, in our bones, how doing so would make our lives feel very on purpose and meaningful.

Many of us have dreamt of helping clients get what they want and we know we hold the key that could help many, many people do just that.

So we strike out on our own with courage and passion. We step INTO our passion and purpose to make a difference.

We also step into what is a new role for many of us and that is role of business owner. Even though we feel prepared and ready to go when it comes to helping our clients, we feel less prepared when it comes to positioning ourselves as experts, marketing our business, and making money.

The truth is in order to help a lot of people, to make the impact you want to make, you’ve got to learn how to run, position and market your business for maximum impact. This is something most of us have to learn how to do and if we’re serious about building a business that serves not only our client’s lives but also our own lives there will come a point in time when it’s time to invest in our business growth.

You know right now if this day has come for you. Here are a few of the signs: 1) you’re attracted to products and programs that will teach you what you need to learn; 2) you’re ready to make a leap in your business and realize you can’t get there on your own; 3) you realize you really don’t understand how to make money doing what you want to do; 4) you suspect a mentor could help shorten the learning curve, therefore shortening your journey to success and that is very attractive!

The good news is there are LOTS of ways you could invest in yourself. So, where are the best places to get started?

Here are my three favorite ways of investing in myself and my business.

1) Choose a mentor and model her. If you find someone that does what you’d like to do watch how she does things and then model yourself after her. That doesn’t mean you should copy her. Look at it this way, if you find someone that does what you’d like to do and you know she’s doing it well and making money doing what she loves, why wouldn’t you follow her? Studying someone that is a master at her craft is a strategy you can use long term and the only thing it will cost is your time. Pay attention to how successful people do things and do them too. Read the books they read. Follow the experts they follow. Invest your time in studying them. It’s time well spent.

2) Invest money in a personal growth mentor. I’ve done this for years. I’ve worked with intuitive development teachers, taken meditation courses, listened to radio shows and podcasts, as well as read hundreds of books, all for the sake of helping me SEE myself and my gifts more clearly. Some of the programs I’ve taken have been easily affordable and others have been more of a stretch. In all cases I trust my instincts on who the right teacher is for me. I have to resonate with the teacher and their style. I adore personal growth work and learning from a gifted teacher is my favorite way to absorb myself in personal growth work. I like group formats but I also like one-on-one consultations for more private issues.

3) Invest money in a business mentor. OK, I know I said above to chose a mentor and model her. Now I will add if that mentor offers programs, products, and events spend money on them! I’m not telling you to do this blindly…only do it if it is truly a good fit for you. Here’s why: NOTHING beats learning directly from someone who’s “been there, done that”…nothing. To have the ear of a mentor who will help you strategize your next steps is absolutely priceless. It’s also amazing to have someone you admire believe in you! If following her from afar has been a good thing, learning from her directly is double the pleasure!

A few years ago I heard this wisdom: the hole you invest in yourself through is the hole you receive through. In my experience that is exactly the case. The more energy (meaning time and money) I’ve spent on building my business the more I’ve received as a result. Honestly, I’m not sure why this is the case except to say that with each investment of time and money I make the more committed I feel to making my dreams come true.

I know it’s not always easy making these investments. I’ve been there too. I’ve had to scrounge together what I’ve needed to invest in some programs. In the end, because I’ve trusted my heart, I’ve never regretted my decision.

2010 can be a breakthrough year for you but you’ve got to be willing to invest your time and maybe even your mo’ney to make it happen. Think about and implement your own personal and business development investment strategy. You and your dream are worth it!

About Cari Volmer:

Cari Vollmer, The Passion into Profit Mentor, teaches soul-inspired entrepreneurs the HOW TO and MAGIC of attracting ideal clients, making more money, and making a name for themselves in their soul-inspired and purpose-centered business.

Cari is the creator of the Passion into Profit Blueprint, a step-by-step system that teaches service professionals how to attract new clients and make more money!

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