Internet Purchasing Process: Are You Wasting Your Prospects Time?

by Michelle Salater on April 14, 2010

When Internet users visit business websites for news updates, to find more information about a certain company or service, purchase products, or increase their knowledge, they’re looking for quick results.

As more and more people use the web on the go—from mobile phones to laptops—time is a precious asset for Internet users.

If your business website or blog is slow to load, full of long paragraphs of web copy, difficult to navigate, or provides drawn-out contacting or purchasing processes, you can be sure that those visitors will leave your business website or blog almost instantly. Internet users simply don’t have the time to piddle around on your site trying to figure it out.

Customers want to know that you respect their time. Make sure your site conveys this message.

Here are 4 ways to show your prospects that you respect their time:

Use clear and concise web copy: Chunks of short, result-driven web copy are essential if you want to keep your visitors’ attention. Wherever you can bullet information, do so. Internet users tend to scan information at a quick pace, so bulleted information helps them to digest data quicker and easier.

Also, ensure that you are leading them properly through the website with effective calls to action that facilitate and expedite their decision making process. Don’t lead them on a wild goose chase to find your contact information or services page.

Make your eCommerce purchasing process quick and easy: According to a report from eMarketer, 2010 may see upwards of 180 billion eCommerce sales in the U.S. If this prediction is correct, it might behoove you to look over your eCommerce site to ensure that it’s easy for visitors to purchase from you.

First, take a look at your eCommerce stats. If your conversion rates are low, this could be in large part due to a complicated or drawn-out purchasing process that consumers have to go through each time they buy from your website.

Consumers purchase online for a reason. Sometimes they don’t have the time to drive to a store and search for a certain product; other times they don’t know where to find a particular product in a store. Whatever their reason for purchasing, ensure that you provide them with a speedy purchasing process.

Avoid complicated purchasing processes whenever you can because it only takes a click of a button for website visitors to move on to a competitor’s website.

Keep your blog target audience in mind: Consider your target audience when writing your posts. If your typical blog reader is a busy, on-the-go business professional, your blog copy should be short and to the point. Long, drawn-out stories are not going to keep your readers’ interest for very long. Use bulleted lists, short paragraphs, conjunctions, and language that reads easy and expresses your personality.

Contact Forms: Make it easy for your site visitors to contact you. Your contact information should be clear and obvious, and contact forms should be short and sweet. Too many fields in your contact form may seem too long and tedious to your site visitors and, in turn, discourage them from contacting you. Keep the number of fields in your contact form to a minimum. Not to mention, too many questions and fields that ask for personal information can appear suspicious.

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