Tips for Effective Vlogging Practices

by Michelle Salater on February 17, 2010

YouTube made the news last year with its miraculous feat to exceed Yahoo searches and was, in turn, ranked as the second most often used search engine—right below Google.

Over the past few years, both video marketing and blogging have proved to be excellent lead generation tools. They’ve also done wonders for companies by helping to increase online exposure, build relationships with key influencers and prospects, and boost industry credibility. As the Internet has become the most powerful tool for both businesses and consumers to use for research, news, relationship building, communication, and entertainment, video marketing and blogging have seen a dramatic increase in popularity.

As 2010 sets in, we’re beginning to see more and more Internet users crave the stimulus that video provides. And this desire for more video means that the market is ripe for more video on blogs.

Combine both blogging and video marketing strategies, and you get vlogging, which is a video form of blogging.

Below is a list of tips from Erica Bennett at Docent Prodigy for effective vlogging practices:

  • Keep your vlog posts short and sweet: The duration of a vlog shouldn’t exceed 2 – 3 minutes. Past that time, viewers may lose interest and move on to another video or vlog. On average, viewers move on from a vlog after one minute and thirty seconds to two minutes. Keep them engaged, and get your information out in the clearest and quickest way possible—without sounding like Speedy Gonzalez.
  • Consider sound and lighting: A poorly made vlog is a sure way to project an inaccurate brand message. The last thing you want is for viewers to think you don’t care about your image. Also, bad lighting and bad sound are a surefire way to encourage viewers to move on to another vlog. Make sure that your sound is clear with no background noise and that there is ample lighting. 
  • Create vlogging series: Find a topic that can be broken down into three or four posts. Film the entire series at once, pausing every 2 – 3 minutes after each set of the series is complete. This way, in postproduction, you can edit each segment of the video into a series of vlogs. This allows you to batch your posts quickly and easily, without having to film the next part of the series in a different sitting.

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