Search Evangelist Predicts Search Trends for 2010

by Michelle Salater on January 22, 2010

In an interview with WebProNews, Eli Goodman, the Search Evangelist for comScore, discussed the anticipated search trends for the 2010. Some highlights of the discussion include:

* Advertisers are going to begin spending more money in online advertising and less money in offline advertising.”There is simply too much money being spent offline on branding and too little of that being spent online,” says Goodman.

* More in-text search advertising will be implemented in 2010 and the years to come. This means that when users scroll over relevant terms in the advertisement, a search results page could pop up or an article.

* Goodman expects to see a rise in social search. Marketers as well as everyday Internet users are going to begin searching social media platforms in addition to searching on traditional search engines such as Google.

Watch the video below to view the entire interview . . .

More WebProNews Videos

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