Build Online Relationships through Real-Time Marketing

by Michelle Salater on September 18, 2009

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Marketers now have the opportunity to analyze customer relationships and promote their business in real-time to prospective clients. Will you take advantage of real-time marketing?

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  • I agree with you both, Damien and Doug. This is a great tool to connect and it's absolutely amazing how well it works!
  • Doug Stewart
    Our "social network" was always invisble. Now it's visible. We count our "followers" and our "Facebook friends." The magnifying glass is moving from media created for the masses to media created FROM the masses. Very interesting time to be alive.
  • Damien Whitehall
    I always thought one of the best things about Linked In was the idea of a social graph. It's the Kevin Bacon idea. You know someone who knows someone who knows someone, but you're unlikely to realize it. You're not going to ask everyone you know to ask everyone they know if they know anyone who works at this company you want an in with. But with Linked In, you can just search that company, and it will come up with their signed-up employees and how many connections away you are from them, allowing you to know the right person to talk to in order to find your insider connection.
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