15 Ways to Show Customer Appreciation

Image credit: Carnie Lewis

Business relationships—whether it’s B2B or B2C—are just like any other relationships.

The fundamentals of a healthy relationship begin with reciprocal appreciation.

If one party doesn’t show appreciation toward the other, an imbalance causes the underappreciated individual to search elsewhere for balance.

This is exactly what customers do when they feel unloved by a business.

It’s easy to get caught up in the “must-do” tasks and the daily grind of client fulfillment or answering customer service requests, and forget to show the love.

However, that attitude of “We’re too busy” comes with a price.

According to a recent study by Bain & Company, increasing customer retention rates by just 5% increases profits by 25% to 95%.

If you are more focused on internal operations or on acquiring new leads and customers, you’re leaving a boatload of cash on the table.

We know you’re busy. So we’re helping you out with 15 easy ways you can show your customers that you love and appreciate them—today:

1. Give them free stuff! Whether that comes in the form of an e-book, webinar, or gift basket—your customers will love free gifts.

2. Mind your manners. Don’t forget to say thank you—and not just in person. It’s important to show your appreciation in email marketing as well.

3. Don’t treat them like a number. Personalize all your communication with them…they are, after all, human.

4. Be helpful. Offer a chat feature, so that if they have a question that arises, they receive an immediate answer.

5. Exclusivity is key. Offer exclusive memberships with special offers only for VIP members.

6. Send thank-you notes. Handwritten notes go a long, long way. And don’t wait until they come back for more work—a note expressing gratitude “just because” can make quite the impression.

7. Send referrals.  What better way to show appreciation than to refer people you know to your clients?

8. Apply your matchmaking skills. Make introductions when appropriate. Opportunity comes through people—you never know where an introduction might lead.

9. Show the love via social media. Sharing a customer’s blog post or a recent success (even a shout-out on Twitter or Facebook) with your social network lets customers know you’re thinking of them.

10. Fruit baskets, wine, cheese, oh my! Nothing says I appreciate you more than a gift delivered for the whole office to enjoy. Select a gift based on what they like—not what you would like to receive.

11. Send them info you think will help them. Learned something new or read an article that could positively impact or help a client? Shoot over an email and let him or her know.

12. Offer unsolicited but helpful advice. Notice something’s up with your client’s website? Shoot them an email to show you’re looking out for them.

13. Invite clients to guest blog. Show the love; show you care. Let your clients communicate with your audience to expand their reach.

14. Interview clients for blogs and newsletters. Help clients gain even more exposure and spread their expertise.

15. Check in. Finished a project months ago? Check in to see how it’s going. A little follow-up goes a long way.

We want to show how much we appreciate you, dear reader!

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