These 10 Articles Will Improve Your B2B Content Marketing

contentmarketingConsider this a quickie.

In this post, we put together a collection of the ten best B2B content marketing tips on both our site and on the web.

  1. Are you looking for B2B gift ideas? In this post, titled 4 Tips for B2B Gift-Giving, Sūmèr shows you four difference ways to make your B2B gifts stand out from the rest.
  2. B2B content marketing can easily get complicated. This is why we like this post: 10 Ways to Simplify Your B2B Content Marketing.
  3. Looking to stay up to date with 2014 B2B content marketing trends? Here are 10 more tips that are written specifically for what’s happening now: 10 Simple B2B Content Marketing Tips For 2014.
  4. Split testing is key to measuring the effectiveness of your B2B content marketing. This is why we give a split testing rundown on our post titled: Why Split Testing is Like a Content Marketing Crystal Ball.
  5. Sometimes you need to inspiration from others. If you’re looking for B2B content marketing campaign examples, here’s 11 Examples of Killer B2B Content Marketing Campaigns Including ROI.
  6. Do you know you could take advantage of crowdsourcing with your B2B content marketing? You can, and this post titled How to Use Crowdsourcing for Content Marketing Inspiration shows you how.
  7. One can never have enough smart tips, so here’s five more that’ll give you a competitive edge: 5 Smart Tips for B2B Content Marketing.
  8. Do you wonder what the difference is between content marketing and branding? It just so happens that we wrote a post answering that exact question: Content Marketing vs Branding: Do You Know the Difference?
  9. Are you struggling to come up with great B2B content? It’s not easy, but maybe after reading this article titled Why Producing Enough B2B Content is Hard and 3 Tips to Help, you can get the information you need to create your converting content.
  10. With the internet allowing you to send video and audio, you need to offer more than words to be an effective content marketer. In this post, Best Practices for B2B Content Marketing with Video, you learn tips for using video for B2B content marketing.

Once you read these ten amazing B2B content marketing posts, you’ll be a lot smarter than people who don’t read them. Use your new found knowledge to advance the position you’re in within your company.

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