Writing Marketing Content for a Luxury Market

Writing content for any niche market can seem like a daunting endeavor, especially if you’ve got your sights on the big spenders afloat in luxury markets.

Fret not—we’ve got pointers that will have you toasting with high society in no time.

  • Aesthetics are everything. A luxury market means refinement, down to the very last detail. Whether you are launching a website or email campaign, consider the minimalist approach. You want your message to be the bright color that catches their eye, yet leaves them wanting more.
  • Know what your market is looking for. Remember that for these markets, you are likely fulfilling a want, but you must write as though your venture meets a need they hadn’t realized existed.
  • Be trustworthy. Credibility goes a long way with the luxury market, especially since the demand is for the best of the best. Make sure your message highlights your authenticity and credibility by utilizing testimonials to boost consumer confidence.
  • Speak to their values, not their pocketbooks. Avoid all mention of money—luxury, after all, does not have a budget. Use language that speaks to design, elegance, and especially the customization of a product or service.
  • Be original. Nothing says luxury like one-of-a-kind. Keep this in mind with all your writing—creativity goes a long way to show your audience that what you have to offer is fresh and wholly theirs.

How have you tailored your message to custom-fit the market of affluence?


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