Why Direct Sellers Need Optimized Web Content

Direct sellers for large companies such as Avon and Thirty One need to properly invest in websites with blog functionality.

Often, these direct sales companies offer preconfigured websites that sellers can use to promote their products.

Unfortunately, there’s one major hitch in this plan. Companies optimize these websites to promote their own interests. They control the SEO and the formatting of the pages. This limits sellers trying to establish their own credibility and long-term rapport with customers.

If your company lets you use your own domain name (we know some direct sales organizations don’t), we suggest you purchase your own domain name and set up your own website. Just check with your organization first so you don’t breach your contract or violate any trademark or copyright laws.

Once you buy your own domain name, here are some of the ways you can grow your company with your personal direct sales website.

Establish Your Brand

Don’t rely on a large corporate website to establish your unique brand. You work just as hard on your business as any other company does. Invest in a website to brand your unique style of business with professional copywriting.

For instance, take three Origami Owl direct sellers. They all sell lockets customers can customize. However, they don’t sell to the same audiences or do it in the same way. These three sellers should be branded differently on their websites.

One of these Origami Owl sellers primarily works with women in their 50s to 60s. She meets with them one on one in their homes to craft necklaces that reflect their life experiences and unique style. Her website should speak directly to these women, focusing on how customized jewelry is a way to celebrate a life well lived.

Another one of these Origami Owl sellers loves to work with husbands looking to find the best gifts for their wives. Her website should speak directly to men and their need for gift giving.

The last Origami Owl seller sets up jewelry bars at high school sleepovers and parties, where teen girls can get together with their friends to craft their favorite jewelry items. This seller needs to decide if she’s targeting the moms of these girls or the girls themselves and cater her website to this market.

Recruit with Lifestyle Blog Posts  

In direct sales, it’s important to grow your team.

Demonstrate your success and lifestyle with blog posts about working by the pool!

Many people turn to direct sales for more time with children and the ability to work from home. Recruitment brochures from your company touch on these factors.

Instead of just mentioning these benefits, show them with consistently updated blog posts with pictures that show what you’re up to. Doing this removes doubt, builds the know, like, and trust factor with potential distributors, and gets them excited to sell for you. 

Sell with Products Photos 

Buyers want products they see and read about in “real life” through photos. They might even share photos on your blog or social media with their friends.

Make it easy for customers to share your products. Start a photo stream featuring your products in everyday pictures. These can be shared on social media and make people want to buy your products.

Share this with your direct sales network on social media to help them grow their marketing.


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