Top Picks for Client Holiday Gift Giving

If picking out gifts for your business list this holiday season sends your stress-meter through the roof, take a deep breath. Our team has come up with sure-fire gifts for everyone on your business shopping list—employees, clients, customers, prospects, other businesses, you name it.

So sip your coffee and relax—you’re just a few mouse clicks away from scratching another item off your holiday to-do list:

  • Business Success Books: Send a new title about your field or one your recipient mentioned wanting to read. Make sure the book is relevant and tasteful (anything with “for Dummies” in the title, for instance, might strike the wrong note). View some great business success book ideas here.
  • Gourmet Gift Baskets: These make excellent business gifts because they’re versatile and convenient. Many online gift basket providers let you design your own, and most offer baskets in various price ranges, with a variety of goodies. Go for up-scale items (wines, cheeses, chocolates, etc.) unless you know for sure the recipient would prefer something else.
  • Artisan Chocolates: It’s hard to go wrong with chocolates—if your recipient likes chocolate (make sure you know!). One of Sumer’s clients, Christophe Artisan Chocolatier, offers gift boxes of hand-painted, uniquely flavored chocolates designed specifically as corporate gifts.
  • Gift Certificates: If you know where someone likes to shop, gift certificates make sense. If you aren’t sure about a client’s specific tastes, retailers such as Harry & David’s, Barnes & Noble, and Starbucks offer something for everyone.
  • Restaurant Gift Certificates: Technically the same category as above, but these offer a slightly different take on the gift of shopping. A dinner for two is something you can almost guarantee that a client or partner will enjoy. Finding the right restaurant may require some research, but if you pay attention during the year, you can get an idea of your recipient’s tastes.
  • Work-Friendly Goodies: Delivered flowers brighten a workplace, but delivered goodies (think edible arrangements, which include fruits, sweets, and chocolate-covered items arranged like a bouquet of flowers) put everyone in a better mood.

A Note on Notes

No matter what you decide to send, be sure to accompany it with a personalized note. Many online retailers offer the chance to include a personalized message, and you should take advantage of that opportunity to reinforce how much you appreciate your gift recipient. Or you can go the extra mile and handwrite all your holiday cards—a little bit can go a long way!

And if you receive a present from a colleague or client? Thank you notes are a must. Always.

What are your top picks for client holiday gift giving? We’d love to hear about them in our comments section on this blog post.


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