Sūmèr Copywriting Team: What We’re Thankful For


For those of us in the United States, Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s a time of relaxing with family, watching football, and eating way too much food.

It’s also a time of reflecting on the things we are truly thankful for…like our clients and you, our dear Copy Doodle readers, who give us the opportunity to do what we do each day.

Before we head out to shove our faces full of food, we and our pets wanted to share what we are most thankful for as a member of the Sūmèr team.

Michelle:  I’m so blessed that I wake up every day and am able to work with such awesome clients who are out to make a big difference in this world.  Many of our clients have become good friends, and I’m grateful for and value the relationships that have blossomed. With clients in a range of industries—from predictive analytics to organic baby products—no day is ever the same, and I’m always learning new things.

Last but not least, I’m grateful for my awesome, creative, and quirky team without whom we would not be able to deliver quality content that converts.

Chris: I am so thankful for our clients.  Our clients range from health care, coaching, and maintenance programs to painting contractors.  With such a diverse client base, it is truly a blessing to be part of supporting them to get their message out in way that truly impacts lives.  In addition, it allows each one of our days at Sūmèr to be presented with a newfound challenge while being part of such an amazing team!

Ali: There are so many things to be thankful for as a Sūmèr copywriter. I’m blessed to be able to come to a job I love every day, to have teammates and clients that I can have fun and laugh with, and have the opportunity to learn new and amazing things every day from everyone we work with. But, perhaps, the best part of it all is the opportunity to celebrate the success of exciting campaigns alongside our clients. From beginning to end, we are in it together.  There is truly  nothing more rewarding than to be able to share a smile, a laugh, and happy conversation with a client that has become a friend once a project has been completed.

Lauren: I’m very thankful for how Sūmèr’s wonderful clients provide us the information we need to write quality copy. They help us learn their industries and give us real-life examples of how their businesses provide value to their customers. So many times, they’ve improved my copy with their resources, knowledge, or communication.  Because of our clients, I’ve received crash courses in remote IT management, senior living sales, and more. Most important, Sūmèr’s clients are always willing to answer our questions—something that’s vital to copywriting. And I’m deeply grateful. It is a joy to write copy that’s fueled by their expertise.

Penny: I am so thankful for our clients who allow me to learn about so many new topics every day. And I appreciate working with the Sūmèr team to help our clients fulfill their goals and dreams. Our copywriters are so talented and accomplished, and I always appreciate their humor and kindness. I am also thankful for our fearless leader, Michelle, who makes all of this possible.

Noor: I’m thankful that every day I get the opportunity to distract the team from their work so they can focus on me. The best part of my job is taking long afternoon naps so, when Mom is off work, I’m really wild, and she plays with me. I’m also thankful that I’ve been giving the opportunity to be a model for our client Dr. Ruth Roberts’ marketing campaigns. It’s a tough job being so adorable, but I don’t mind the challenge.

Rowan: Working for Sūmèr has been a dream come true for me. I get to work with my favorite human (my mom) all day, I have unlimited nap breaks, and I love being a ham and taking adorable pictures for the content we create. The best thing, however, is our clients. Especially the food focused-ones, like Dr. Ruth Roberts. She’s always providing me with a new treat or meal recipe I can forward to my mom’s work email. Dinnertime has never been more delicious.

Clover: I am so thankful for my new job as Director of Cuddles at Sūmèr. I’ve spent the past few weeks watching Get Your Girl Back webinars, and I have to say this project has really inspired me to leave my days behind bars at the shelter in my past, and has given me the encouragement I need to unleash my inner girl and get myself back on all four paws. Thanks to this pawsome project, I have more sWAG in my step than I’ve ever had before.

Little Duckie: I’m quite thankful to listen to Sūmèr’s exciting calls with clients. Because my brain is made of rubber (Lauren says it’s plastic), I thought I’d never be a copywriter. Now, I sit on a little shelf above Lauren’s computer and learn from Sūmèr’s clients. In the next few weeks, I plan to hop down and try my beak at typing some good copy.

Abby: When my Mom brings out the red pens, I know it’s going to be a wonderful day of playing hide-and-seek.  I hide her pens, and after she runs out, she tries to find them. I have improved my hiding skills since working at Sūmèr and am thankful for the opportunity to keep my Mom active and work for my CrockPET.

Sampson: I am so thankful I get to go the office and support the team. I take great pride in setting the atmosphere at the office. Through my time at Sūmèr, I have truly learned the meaning of “holding down the fort.”

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