How to Use Hooks to Generate Quality Leads on Your Website

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This is a contrarian hook from Disney—it initially makes you think the opposite of what you’re thinking.

A quality lead is a lead that is likely to engage and convert to a buyer. Your website is a way to generate quality leads, if you follow the best practices of website copywriting. Quality leads are important for small business owners, marketing directors, and anyone whose job it is to make sure your web presence is stellar.

With the following tip, you can put together compelling copy even if you’re not a copywriter. No matter who you are, the most important thing for you to today is to get started. Without making a change, you’ll never know how to make it better. As soon as you start to update your website’s copy, you can track, test, and tweak your copy to improve your conversions.

In this post, we’re going to cover how to use hooks to improve your website’s copy so you can get more quality leads. Let’s get right into it.

Finding the right ‘hook.’

A hook is the coolest thing about your offer—it’s the thing that makes people say, “Oh my gosh, this is amazing. I have to have this now.” If you can think back to the last time you made an impulse buy, you know what it’s like to think, “This is it; bang, I’ve got to have it.”

That’s the angle you want to have with your hook in your website’s copy. Your hook’s power is predominantly in the headlines, or in headers. Hooks are an attention grabbing, head-nodding phrase puts all the cards on the table instantly. You also see hooks used a lot in advertising copy.

Quality leads come from quality hooks. If you just say…

“Buy this because it’s cool,”

…you’re going to get a wide-range of people interested. It’s better to say something like…

“Buy this because it does this, which allows you the satisfaction of receiving this amazing benefit.”

When you go into detail, you’ll attract people whom are really interested in what your product or service can do for them.

There are several ways to write your hook. Here are some examples.

  • Fear-based hooks. Remember the commercial, “Help; I’ve fallen and I can’t get up”? This is a great fear-based hook because no one wants to find grandma on the floor. To come up with a fear-based hook, think about what’s the number one fear of your prospect.
  • Risk reversal hooks. These hooks take the burden off the shoulders of the prospect. Risk reversal hooks have powerful guarantees, free-to-use for a limited time, or other concepts that let someone know it’s okay to give your product or service a try.
  • Ludicrous hooks. These hooks take your product or service, and mine it down to the lowest common denominator and making it almost absurd. For example, Tim Ferris has the “four-hour” workweek.

The best way to come up with hooks is to think about your product, or service, in the eyes of the consumer. How will he or she use it? What benefits does it provide? How does it make his or her life better?

Once you have a list of benefits, you can see what ones are most important. By comparing your benefits to other, similar products on the market, you can see where you stand out.

How will you know what hook is best? The answer is to test.

How to test your hook (even if you don’t have a large marketing budget).

The way you’ll know what hooks are best is by testing. You can test your hooks by using a completely free way to reach an audience social media.

Try using different hooks in your headlines for social media posts, blogs, or other marketing content. While this does take time, it’s time well spent. You may uncover a hook that you normally wouldn’t have found, thus saving you money on advertising. This is why it’s best to find a hook before you advertise. A powerful hook will make your advertising budget go much further.

This is why having website copywriting is important because it allows you to generate the most impact on your visitors.

Generating quality leads is only the first of three parts of making an online sale. You also need to engage your visitors and convert prospects into buyers. Learn more website copywriting tips on our upcoming webinar  “How to Generate Quality Website Leads & Turn Unconvinced Browsers into Recurring Buyers”.


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