How to Create a 6-Month Automated Content Marketing Plan

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An automated content marketing plan will make your work life 99% easier. If that sounds like a good idea, keep reading.

Imagine no longer chasing leads, getting behind on your marketing, or worrying about finding quality prospects.

Imagine creating a profitable marketing sequence that’s truly hands-off, where you can make money while you sleep and grow your company instead of working in it.

Dear reader, take out your pen (or print out this blog).

You’re about to discover how to create a 6-month automated content marketing plan.

Decide on Your Big Picture Goals

When it comes to automating your marketing, each step you take should move you closer to your ultimate goal. So, think big picture.

The most effective goals are multi-faceted. Before you map out your content marketing funnel, think about…

  • The number of leads you want to attract.
  • What characteristics your ideal prospect has.
  • The income you want to generate.
  • How your core offer will transform lives.
  • Making your investment pay for itself within 6 months.
  • Affiliates who will gladly share your offerings with their list.

Example: for one of our clients, we mapped out an automated marketing sequence that focused on increasing live event attendance.

The main offer was the chance to engage with thought leaders while discovering how to create impactful change.

However, the success of the live events was only a part of the equation.

As we drew up the automated marketing blueprint, we also factored in generating ROI quickly, locating the most profitable and qualified leads, individual product sales, and establishing membership programs.

Whatever your goal is, make the plan thorough so that you achieve the exact results you want.

Consider Your Available Assets

As you craft a profitable automated sequence, think about what you already have available. In this way, you spot the biggest opportunities for revenue increase and lead generation.

Don’t worry—chances are, you have more quality material than you think.

Once you list your available assets, use these to seed quality content throughout the 6-month marketing period.

Example: let’s say you run a personal growth empire that offers live event opportunities, video series, eBooks and guides, personal assessments, video conference strategy sessions, and phone consultations.

With such an impressive arsenal, you have assets available to build your automated marketing funnel that include…

  • Possible video clips from your live events. (If you don’t have these already, get some lectures on tape ASAP.)
  • Downloadable content that you can offer as an opt-in incentive.
  • The know-how to construct a solid, high-dollar core offer.
  • An engaged list that will jump at the opportunity to connect with you.
  • Possible affiliates who could double your success.

If you don’t have this material available, reach out to a professional who will help you create content to build your marketing funnel.

Map Out Your Funnel

Now comes the fun part! At this point, you will…

  • Set prices for all parts of your funnel—from low-dollar items to higher-priced main offers.
  • Develop your core offer and other products and services.
  • Attract traffic via social media, affiliates, Google AdWords, and banner ads.
  • Determine the lead magnet that attracts prospects to sign up.
  • Schedule the email nurture sequences and pick out where the assets go.
  • Write landing pages, sales pages, thank-you pages, and order pages.
  • Come up with bonus, upsell, and downsell offers.
  • Work on segmenting your list.
  • Figure out which technologies you need to track your progress.

At the end, your funnel, if it’s comprehensive, will look something like this:


marketing funnel

Notice how comprehensive that is?

See all the paths your prospects can take based on their engagement level and preferences?

That’s because this content marketing plan is not only automated, but also wholly comprehensive. Translation: it almost runs your business for you.

Track Your Progress and Adjust Accordingly

No funnel is bulletproof.

To track your progress and adjust for maximum ROI, we recommend Wicked Reports, which tracks the lifetime customer value for every ad, marketing email, and link.

(Oh, and to track engagement levels on your sales and landing pages, we love CrazyEgg.)

Once you have the tools you need, you’ll wnat to adjust for maximum success to ensure ROI and enjoy a more hands-off experience.

Example: Let’s say that you use heat-mapping software and find that your traffic slows down to watch videos and read testimonials; however, your sales are still soft.

Using this data as a compass, rearrange your sales page and move buy buttons to areas where engagement is the highest.

Don’t Go It Alone 

Let us design a custom marketing plan for you.

For free.

Learn more here.


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