Why DIY Content Kills Online Sales

We live in a world where fuzzy pipe cleaners, sparkly glitter, and addicting Pinterest web pages lead us to believe we are capable of creating anything.

Sometimes, we even carry this idea into the workplace and try our hand at crafting things that are not our expertise, like marketing content.

I have no doubt that you are a smart and capable business owner, but from one professional to another, I want to give you one piece of advice.

If content creation isn’t your area of expertise, don’t do it.

Don’t fall victim to the idea that you can save money and cut corners while writing your own content if that’s not where your talents lie.

Your time is much better spent managing your employees, attending meetings, and working on strategies that will propel your company forward.

We’re so passionate about the power of quality content that engages and converts that we’ve put together a few of our favorite articles on why you should step away from the keyboard and leave content creation to the pros.

Keep reading to discover why DIY content kills sales.

DIY Blogs- Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

Writing your own business blog is a great idea in theory. After all, no one can share your knowledge and wisdom with prospective clients quite like you.

When you own a business, you know the details, and you have expertise that’s worth sharing with the world.

There is one problem though…

When you’re too close, your insider point of view may spell disaster.

It may seem odd, but knowing too much about the topic you’re writing about can actually hurt the value of your content. That’s because when you write on topics you are passionate about, your copy is subject to being…

  • Too vague – When you’re an expert on your subject, it’s easy to forget that readers might not know as much as you do. This leads to content that lacks important information.
  • Too technical – When you eat, sleep, and breathe what you’re writing about, it becomes second nature to you. This can lead you to writing in a fashion that is too technical, or that leaves out important details your audience may not know.
  • Too opinionated – When you’re passionate about something, it’s easy to form opinions. For instance, if you own a tea company, you might be partial to oolong tea, which might lead you to write content on why oolong tea is the best tea in the world. Unfortunately, your audience may not feel the same way.

Aside from being too close to what you’re writing, there is also a time factor – is it the best use of your time to write your own content? In most cases, we’re betting the answer is NO.

Oh, and how could we forget to mention scheduling issues due to time, or writing copy that’s too salesy, or wasting money on creating content that ultimately doesn’t increase your revenue?

Clearly there are a lot of problems with the idea of writing your own blog content.

Take a more in-depth look these problems and continue to read our post DIY Blogs – Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should.

Why DIY Copywriting Backfires

If you haven’t picked up the theme of this blog yet, it’s that DIY marketing content is a no good, very bad idea.

Here’s a few more reasons why:

  • You lose out on sales and lead generation when your content isn’t written well.
  • You don’t have the time to run a business and write segmented nurture sequences.
  • A fresh set of eyes will pull the curtain back on why your website copy, blog content, and email marketing don’t generate leads and earn new business.

Look at it this way: you wouldn’t perform your own dental work with a hand mirror and pliers. And you wouldn’t fix a burst pipe with duct tape.

Believe it or not, DIY copywriting may be more painful (and costly) than those two scenarios.

No one earns the title of professional copywriter without achieving results in website conversions, lead generation, customer engagement overnight.

It’s taken a lot of work and training, but over the years, our team has used proven marketing techniques to produce not only conversions, but also customer engagement that sets businesses up for long-term success.

Exactly why we focus our efforts on copywriting and let our accountant handle all of our numbers and our programmers handle all of our coding. What a disaster it would be if we had to specialize in everything!

To prevent you from encountering any content marketing disasters, we bring you this important  public service announcement…Just say no to DIY copywriting.

Finish this post here to discover why writing your own content may backfire.

How DIY Website Copy Kills Sales

Can you write your own website copy and have it convert for you?


But I bet that if your website was converting like you want it to, or if you really had the time, the drive, and the professional copywriting skills to create website copy that brings in clients and cash, you wouldn’t be reading this.

You could write the copy yourself, especially if you have staff that has experience in writing marketing copy. However, have you ever heard the phrase “can’t see the forest through the trees”?

That’s the dilemma you and your staff face.

You and your team are too involved in your business to be writing your own website copy.

Think about this…

  • Doctors have other doctors take care of them.
  • Novelists get their work critiqued by other writers.
  • An interior designer may decorate offices, but not his own house.

Most experts hire outside experts and copywriting consultants because they know they’re too involved in their own business to see the issues and problems they face.

Sometimes it’s best to bring in the professional copywriters who see what you cannot see.

They get the job completed faster and save you time and energy in the long run.

Copywriting that converts takes trial and error. Our copywriting team is constantly testing what we write, and then we test and rewrite, again and again.

We know what works, but we get our best and most jaw-dropping “let me fork over my credit card right now because I am DYING to work with you” copy onto our clients’ sites that we test and tweak based on the results.

We make mistakes. We correct those mistakes. We rewrite. We refine.

In this way, we’ve learned how to write website copy that doesn’t just sound good—it converts.

The truth is that you and your team don’t have that kind of time to make sure it’s right.

A lack of time, skill, and effort will kill your sales.

Discover more about why having a professional handle your content is the best idea and keep reading our post How DIY Website Copy Kills Sales.

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