Copywriting Strategies for the Love and Relationships Industry

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When it comes to copywriting strategies specific to the love and relationship industry, creating audience-centric content is rule #1. No matter whether your business offers dating advice, develops strategies for self-confidence, or helps married couples rekindle passion, your prospects feel a very distinct pain.

Their love life stinks. Or it’s non-existent.

Though this pain point is not an uncommon struggle, the fact that your target market found one of your landing pages, website, or blogs means that they feel confused and frustrated, and they’re looking to you for help.

You have a big challenge in front of you—to make love itself more fulfilling. You are tasked with helping others enjoy the best part of their lives, the deepest of human emotions. (No pressure—ha!)

Not to worry, because our professional copywriters have tackled this content with great results. From product sales that generated $265,000 to live event affiliate marketing campaigns that attracted nearly 50,000 attendees, we’ve learned a few tricks of the trade. 

How to Write for the Love and Relationships Industry

The love and relationship industry is unlike any business in the personal growth sector. The target market isn’t looking for something simple like more sales and higher profits. Their struggle is very personal, and chances are that their pain is consistent and escalating.

Because your customer avatar is different from any other, it’s important to start with this strategy… 

Understand the Demographic

There are perfunctory characteristics to identify—i.e., whether or not your peeps are single, married, dating, or if they’ve given up. “Love pain” itself is very distinct, and it’s paramount to know where your prospects are in their journey.

Perhaps they’ve been married for 10 years, and their spouse has turned into a roommate. On the other hand, your target market could be searching for their ideal relationship, and they’re sick of taking spins on the barstool.

When you understand the demographic, you have a firm grasp on the pain, which leads me to the next cornerstone of successful content.

Segment Your Audience

List segmentation goes a long way.

The practice allows you to speak directly to a specific audience. If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you’ve heard us go on and on about how list segmentation improves email marketing conversion rates and engagement.

The same rule applies for sales and landing pages. Yes, it’s important to create audience-specific landing pages—especially if you cater to a diverse marketplace.

Write a landing page for married people who want to spice up their love life, another one for single men who want to lock in the girl next door, and one for women who want to know if their current beau is “the one.”

When your content highlights real specificity, your audience will feel as if you’re speaking directly to them. Now with that said…

Be Really Freaking Honest about the Pain

Storytelling is the proven method to show that you understand what your peeps go through. This technique enables you to “get real”—meaning that you’re candid about how you help.

Recently, we wrote a marketing campaign for married men who wanted to stop an impending divorce. Here is an example of a video script our copywriting team wrote that describes the pain felt when a relationship ends.

Brenda ripped Jack’s heart out.

You know that feeling when the lump keeps rising in your throat? That bad taste in your mouth? That love-gone-cold feeling, where you’d rather have a knife twisting in your gut than a broken heart?  

Jack was devastated and confused when Brenda walked out. The moment she started packing her suitcase, it felt like a depression cocktail of doubt, anger, confusion, frustration, and fear.

The bottom line is this: your content can’t sugarcoat the issue. Instead, get to the core problem. This doesn’t entail exploiting fear; it means showing real empathy and how you can help others avoid hardships.

Your content must reveal how your services are a game-changer, but to attract your ideal market in the first place, you need one thing…

User Engagement

User engagement is the straight-shot path to profitable lead generation in the love and relationship industry.

In our time working for love and relationship businesses, we’ve learned what works almost every time.

Facebook quizzes.

Yep, those things. Even though your market might want to waste some time and take a quiz, they’re subconsciously looking for answers to improve their love life. This technique attracts people into your sales funnel, and once you gain more quality leads, you can nurture and segment until your peeps become brand loyalists.

Working on your sales funnel now? Make sure your landing pages convert! Sign up for our free training…

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