Why a Good User Experience Is Key for SEO

The effects of your site’s user experience (UX) can either make or break how well your brand performs online. We’re excited to have Jacob Smart, creative content writer for the digital marketing agency Aumcore, guest post for us today.   In this article, Jacob shares the key components of a successful UX and how to

Happy Holidays from Team Sūmèr!

Team Sūmèr wishes you and your family a holiday full of peace and love!  

What Do Twitter Ads Mean for Your Businesses?

Twitter is a powerful marketing tool, and with 500 million users just a tweet away, many entrepreneurs are already using the medium to raise brand awareness and form relationships with consumers directly. However, Twitter’s new paid advertising options give small business owners access to more users than ever. The response has been overwhelming: Twitter is

Ship Shape or Ship Wreck? 3 Ways to Set Sail for a More Wonderful Work Week

Are you a small business owner who finds it difficult to and start producing your desired results? If so, you’ll definitely want to check out today’s guest blog post by Leslie Shreve, productivity expert and owner and founder of Productive Day (and one of our fabulous clients!). In this guest post, Leslie shares 3 tips

The Power of Planning Your Marketing Strategy

We all know that it’s easier (and way less expensive) to spend $25 on a decent smoke detector (or $8.00 on a battery) than to replace everything you own after a house fire. But that doesn’t stop some of us from taking unnecessary risks—and not just with the flammable things in our lives. The old

Google+ Branded Pages and the Future of Google

Guest Post by Spencer Spellman, freelance travel writer and social media expert Whether you like it or not, it seems that Google as a social media platform is here to stay. Google+ got a lot of buzz over the summer when it launched, providing for many, yet another social media application, and for others, an

The Power of Finding Your Unique Niche

When fiction writers undertake a new project, they usually spend time getting to know their characters through surveys and profiles. This lets them write characters whose actions and speech seem believable to readers. Even if you’re not trying to write the next Great American Novel, getting to know your niche—and the clients in that niche—will

The Power of Authenticity in Your Marketing Strategy

When you’re authentic in your marketing, your prospects and clients like and trust you, so they’re more likely to work with you for years to come. When you’re authentic, you’re powerful; people are drawn to you and want forge a relationship with you. On the other hand, if you’re not authentic, prospects and clients sense

Never Be At a Loss for Fresh Blog Post Ideas Ever Again

Have you had a blog for a few months now and are starting to run out of topic ideas for your future editorial calendars? If so, there is no need to fret—this happens to everyone and is something that can be remedied with the right tricks and tools. Below is a list of ways to

How to Add Plugins to Your WordPress Blog

Adding new features to your blog is easy with plugins. Essentially, a plugin is an additional piece of software that you can upload to your blog in order to give your blog a new feature. For example, if you look right above the first sentence of this post, you’ll see a Twitter button that says

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