Sūmèr Copywriting Team: What We’re Thankful For

  For those of us in the United States, Thanksgiving is upon us. It’s a time of relaxing with family, watching football, and eating way too much food. It’s also a time of reflecting on the things we are truly thankful for…like our clients and you, our dear Copy Doodle readers, who give us the

Our Patriotic Pets: Celebrating the 4th in Sūmèr Style

  Here at Sūmèr, we’re getting ready for the Fourth of July! And our pets are feeling pretty patriotic. Or maybe we’re feeling patriotic for them? You’ll have to take a look at our pictures to decide. Since they can do everything but type, we’re writing on behalf of our patriotic pets as they wish

Announcement: Sūmèr Is a Digital Marketer Certified Partner

The professional copywriters at Sūmèr, LLC HQ are in full celebration mode. We’ve become a Digital Marketer Certified Partner! See our official “creds” below. 🙂 Now that it’s official, we can share our mission with you. As a Digital Marketer Certified Partner, we are taking on a shared commitment to double the size of 10,000

Top 5 Takeaways from Internet Summit 2015

We recently returned from Internet Summit 2015 in Raleigh and just have to share with you the top takeaways from this year’s event (and let us tell you, there’s a lot to choose from!). With keynotes such as Jason Miller from LinkedIn, Rand Fishkin from Moz, best-selling author Chris Brogan, and RUSSELL SIMMONS, you know

The Cutest Patriotic Pets You’ve Ever Seen

In honor of the Fourth of July, the adorable four-legged friends at Sūmèr wanted to share their patriotic spirit. We hope you find as much delight in them as we did during the photo shoots! For our readers in the U.S., have a safe holiday weekend! May it be filled with BBQs, fireworks, and fun.

Welcome to the Team: Noor

Dear Reader, we’re beyond excited to introduce our new canine office manager, Noor. Noor is sassy, has loads of energy, and has more personality than she knows what to do with. Quite frankly, she’s a diva. With joining the Sūmèr team comes her newfound fame. She’ll soon be gracing our website, Facebook, and constant updates

A Tribute to Our Beloved Mama Mia

Mama Mia was not only our office manager and company mascot, but also our friend and source of constant joy. Today, our team, our clients, and friends mourn her passing. She was a good sport and was always willing to try new things. (The photos alone vouch for her fun-loving spirit and sense of humor).

A Look Back As Sūmèr Turns 6

We might not act like it, but Sūmèr is officially out of its toddler years! As we reach our sixth year of producing clear messaging for our amazing clients, we want to say thank you. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you. Our team is so grateful to be able to wake up and

Professional Copywriter Profiles: Interview with Melville the Cat

Professional copywriters come in all shapes and sizes. While many of us come from creative writing backgrounds, other copywriting professionals lobotomize mice, hide in grocery bags, and perch on computer keyboards. The newest member of our content marketing team, Melville the Cat, embodies the second origin. When he’s not helping our head copywriter, John Owen,

10 Big Digital Marketing Ideas from Traffic & Conversion 2015

Traffic & Conversion is my favorite event of the year. Ryan Deiss and the Digital Marketer crew never hold back on sharing what’s working for them, the attendees are amazing entrepreneurs and all-around awesome people, and I get to catch up with clients and colleagues and have way too much fun. And where else can

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