Evergreen Content: Produce Lasting Results for Your Business

When speaking in botanical terms, an “evergreen” is a plant (usually of the pine or fir variety) whose name reveals exactly what you might already suspect– it retains its leaves year-round and is, therefore, forever green. The digital marketing and publishing worlds have borrowed the descriptor and applied it to content, turning it into a

Why DIY Content Kills Online Sales

We live in a world where fuzzy pipe cleaners, sparkly glitter, and addicting Pinterest web pages lead us to believe we are capable of creating anything. Sometimes, we even carry this idea into the workplace and try our hand at crafting things that are not our expertise, like marketing content. I have no doubt that

How to Make Website Copy User-Friendly

You’ve built a responsive and conversion-ready website. You throw all of your website copy on it, you sit back and wait for it to bring you new clients, and the only one who actually goes through your website content and fills out your contact form is your mom. And your mom doesn’t even need any

7 Steps to Customer Value Optimization

  Customer value optimization, or CVO, is more than a marketing buzzword. CVO is the method that maximizes the monetary value of each customer that comes through your sales funnel. To attract your ideal customers and double their lifetime value, it takes 7 simple, yet important, steps. Before we get into the nitty-gritty, know that

How to Craft Content That Sells Experiences Not Product

  As you’ve gotten older, you’ve probably looked back and have reflected on the different phases of your life. You remember the days you spent playing with friends on the playground, the parties you went to in college, and that time you went to a Madonna concert and prepped for the occasion by perming your

Marketing Content: The Importance of Setting the Scene

  Hello and welcome to tonight’s improv show! Tonight our players (what we call our “actors” in the improv world) will be performing a monoscene, one of our very favorite long-form improv formats. For approximately 30 minutes, our players will come and go and live in a scene together that takes place all in one

Customer-Centric Copy: Why Your Prospect Should Always Be the Hero

  Let’s image that you wake up one morning, turn on the news, and the first thing you see is a breaking story of a kitten about to fall to its death from a tree. Gasp! Will the kitten survive? You have to find out so you glue your eyes to the TV screen. You

How to Write Compelling Marketing Content on Boring Topics

  Once upon a time, in a village far far away, there lived two souls named Wally and Violet. They were both drastically different beings, yet they both dreamed of the day they would find their true love. Although they lived in the same town, they never once crossed paths. Wally was a homebody and

10 Common Grammar Mistakes to Avoid in Business Communication

  As a business owner, there’s bound to come a time in your life when you reflect on the past and silently thank a teacher for the valuable education you received. Those seven years of learning how to play “Hot Cross Buns” on the recorder, instead of learning how to avoid cringe-worthy grammar mistakes, has

3 Ways Writing Marketing Content As If You’re Talking to a Friend Benefits Your Business  

    Consumers cannot get out of bed without consistently getting bombarded with ads to buy stuff. Due to the high level of ad saturation, it’s crucial to differentiate your marketing content so that you stand out from the crowd. One way you can stand apart is to create content that speaks to your audience

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