Get Your Customer Retention Strategies in Shape: A Case Study on Fitpacking

As the second post in our Customer Retention Strategy series, where we focus on business owners who use effective customer retention strategies, we had the pleasure of interviewing Steve Silberberg, owner and guide for Fitpacking. Fitpacking is a company comprised of several highly knowledgeable guides who take moderately overweight people on weight-loss backpacking adventure vacations

Track and Organize Your Social Media Results

Wouldn’t you want to know if you were doing something wrong on social media so that you could stop wasting your time and start creating compelling content that produces tangible results? Well, the best way to know if you’re doing something wrong is by tracking your social media efforts and organizing your results so that

Are You A Small Business Virgin? Part II

Guest post by Sal Vilardo If you missed Part I of Sal’s guest post, Are You a Small Business Virgin? A Review of Business Stripped Bare, click here. Below is Part II of Sal’s guest post, a book review on Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur. Other interesting take-aways from the book .

Are You A Small Business Virgin? A Review of Business Stripped Bare

Guest post by Sal Vilardo Review of Business Stripped Bare: Adventures of a Global Entrepreneur The Brave may not live forever—but the cautious do not live at all! – Richard Branson, Virgin Group Every great entrepreneur and thought leader grew into the role due to advice from other successful people. Leaders are not born, or

Add Extra Value to Your Services—Your Clients Will Love You for It

Whether you offer a product or a service, there is always room for providing your customers with extra value. And don’t just add extra value to your services, tell your customers about it. They’ll be delighted with the bonus! You’re probably already offering tons of extra value in your services, and you may think customers

The Controversy Over Groupon

Have you ever thought that Groupon could hurt your business? In an attempt to find out how Groupon affects businesses, WebProNews decided to interview Brian Combs, CEO and founder of ionadas. In the interview, Brian shared his concerns about Groupon’s ability to limit the control a business has on their ad and expanded on the

Customer Retention Strategies That Work: 3 Real World Examples

We’ve interviewed three different business owners about their customer retention strategies and the results they’ve seen through their efforts. See below for real world examples of effective customer retention strategies: From: Razor Suleman Company: I Love Rewards Website: Blog: Twitter Handle: @iloverewards Customer Retention Strategy: The Love Guarantee is how we help keep

Top 5 Blog Talk Radio Stations That Deal With Marketing

Are you looking for a fresh way to receive valuable marketing information? If so, you’ll definitely want to tune into BlogTalkRadio for live chats about marketing tips and small business success advice. Below are 5 of our favorite business and marketing BlogTalkRadio stations: 1. Barry Moltz: With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience and small

A Lesson from a King on Listening to Customer Needs

Remember when you were little and your mother used to read you fairytales and bedtime stories? Remember how easy it was to understand the message of the story thanks to simple words and playful pictures? For business owners who are still unsure about how to connect with their customers, you’ll want to watch Radian6’s video

Are You Preventing Your Business From Growing to Its Full Potential?

What does a successful business look like to you? Perhaps it looks something like this: A successful business is . . . Active on Facebook. Active on Twitter. Active on LinkedIn. Active on YouTube. Featured in industry magazines, newsletters, and blogs. Running a blog that publishes three posts per week. Appreciated by clients who are

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