[Case Study] How 1 Custom “Online Sales Funnel” Sold 6 Figures of Product for a Holistic Doctor

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This is a guest post by our latest partner here at Sūmèr, Ryan Niessen. Ryan was the marketing manager at a multi million-dollar online education company for 3 years before leaving to help entrepreneurs increase their impact and income through the power of great copy and smart online sales funnels.

The 2-Fold Online Sales Challenge

Recently, a holistic doctor came to us looking for a solution to a common, 3-fold problem that you may have some experience with as well:

  1. She had a lot of high-quality products available for sale online, but wasn’t having much success selling them.
  2. She had worked with marketers in the past who had overcharged her and undelivered in terms of results.
  3. It was very important to her that all of the copy and content be written in her authentic, “non-salesy” voice—which previous marketers she hired had failed to do.

She knew that it was possible to break through and sell more online. Other people were doing it.

Yet after more than 2 years of building her online empire, she was getting tired of seeing few results for all her hard work.

She wanted something built that would achieve 2 things:

  1. Bring in cash NOW.
  2. Continue to generate sales long-term so she could spend less time in her practice, and more time at her beachfront condo in Mexico.

Solution to Part 1: How to Bring in Cash NOW

In order to solve her first problem, we took a good hard look at the assets she had available. Here’s what we noticed:

  • Her email list was small, yet highly engaged. They loved her!
  • Her products were high quality and could be repackaged as “Irresistible Offers” to provide complete solutions to her customers’ problems.
  • She was an “edutainer” at heart. Her email list was used to seeing her educate and entertain them through the use of video.

It was clear to us, after looking inside her business, that there was an immediate big win.

So we set to work repackaging her products and building a custom online sales funnel.

Our client prefers that her marketing funnel remain anonymous; however, this is the basic funnel structure we used:

Screen Shot 2015-10-16 at 3.28.34 PM

Here’s How We Did It

Step 1: We took some of her best content, which she already had available, and plugged it into the 3 content videos you see above.

Step 2: We repackaged her products to create 4 separate “Irresistible Offers,” which people could buy on the “Sales Video” page.

The secret to getting these offers to work so well was three-fold:

  • Visitors had the chance to watch the 3 content videos before ever getting the chance to buy on the sales page. “Dripping” them out, and giving people a couple of days to watch each video built trust, gave them serious value, and got them to engage with and like our holistic doctor.
  • We created 4 discounted bundles at a range of price points to suit as many customers’ needs as possible.
  • Once we released the Sales Video, the special discounted bundles were only available for a few days. This deadline got visitors to choose quickly and commit, or risk never seeing the offer again.

Step 3: We created a 2-week email campaign to send to her existing email list. This is the “Traffic” piece that you see in the image above.

We emailed them releasing the first “Content Video” and gave them a couple of days to watch it.

Then we released the 2nd… and so on.

The 4th and final “Sales Video” was only available for a few days. We emailed her list twice on the closing day reminding them that this was their last chance to buy.

Here’s What Happened Next

The results were outstanding. Out of respect to our client, we can’t share specific numbers.

However, this small, 2-week campaign was the most successful online effort she had to date, and got her about halfway to the 6-figure mark.

Since this online funnel was proven to be a success, we set to work with meeting her 2nd goal: Generating sales long-term.

Online marketing automation should be one of the great “Wonders of the World” (at least we think so)…

Because with not much more effort, we were able to “evergreen” this campaign so that she could have her friends send their users to it and go through the 2-week experience at any time.

This 1 strategy alone pushed her funnel over the 6-figure mark (as of the day this is published), and changed the way she did business online forever.

Now, she’s well on her way to spending less time in her practice, and more time with her family on the beaches of Mexico.

How You Can Apply This to YOUR Online Business

Now, the concept of the online sales and marketing funnel can be applied to any industry, and any business.

However, there are many different types of funnels to use. The 4-video funnel launch sequence just happened to be the best fit for our client, and it could work well for you, too, if you have:

  • Info-products (ebooks, courses, trainings, etc.)
  • Coaching & consulting programs
  • Physical products
  • And more…

Regardless of what type of funnel you want to use, it’s important to understand that there are 3 really important factors to the success of it:

  1. Solid funnel strategy (Creating a positive user experience and putting the right offers in the right place.)
  2. Great copywriting (Words have the power to influence your users and convince them to take action.)
  3. Makes sense for the list (You could have a 400,000-person email list, but if there’s no relationship between you and them, then it’s worthless. Give me a small, engaged list over a big, unengaged list any day.)

If you want to generate more cash now AND build something that will continue to generate sales for you long-term, then consider building a funnel like this one and modeling the steps we took to achieve success for this client.

For more cash-producing tips and tricks to sell more products online, check out this free guide:

25 Ways to Sell More Products Online.


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