Building an Online Brand – The Power of Branded Images

This article is by blogger and freelance writer Isabella Foreman.

In the past, branding was mostly reserved for larger companies with a lot of resources to invest in it. However, the reason why they were the ones focusing on this aspect of their business wasn’t because they had the money to do it, but rather small organizations didn’t think it was worth investing in it.

The current business landscape is much different.

Not only are there more startups and small business organizations opening their doors these days, but they also focus their business efforts online.

Given the fact that the market is saturated in this way, it has become important for small business organizations to make themselves more distinct and unique. Especially in the online environment where there is not much you can do to stand out from the pack, or can you?

One of the biggest aspects of branding and design and images are visuals that can be used for branding your business online. Through exceptional images you can promote your brand effectively, and here is how you can do it.

Use logos

One of the most distinctive parts of your designs and branding are logos. Your whole brand should be built around your logo and all the designs should start from it.

Create a logo that truly represents your business and make sure that you can reduce its size just enough to apply it on your images online, while at the same time remaining visible and completely clear.

However, you should always look to balance your logo and make sure that it doesn’t overpower the designs you’ve implemented.

Another important thing is to decide the positioning of your logo and make it consistent for most of your images. One of the best general rules that always do the trick is to put it in the bottom right corner.

By doing this, you will make sure that it doesn’t distract people, but it still has the effect to connect all of the images to your brand.

Create your own image template and don’t stray from it

Like I mentioned before, consistency is the key in branding.

Create a template that is unique and make it your top choice for all of your images. Even if you feel the need for a change, make sure that you don’t change it from its foundation.

Just work on finesses, but keep the original idea intact. Not only will you be more memorable because of this, but once you’ve learned how to create your templates, you will do them so many times that it will take you no more than a minute to finish a new one.

Implement all of your brand’s colors

When you look at some of the images of any famous brand, you will soon realize a pattern in which they all use similar colors in their images. They have a palette they always use for images, logos, and texts within them. The same color choice that goes on your website goes also on your images.

The idea of colors behind a brand is to invoke certain emotions and feelings which are to be associated with your brand. The same rule applies for images and you should go for no more than four different colors on one image.

Use images that go well with your image and your brand 

No matter if you are choosing images for the background on your website or for individual posts on social media, it’s also important to have a constant theme you follow.

In order to figure out what personality your company has and what kind of images would suit it the most, you should think about what you are offering, how you treat your customers, what your goals are and who you are addressing.

Some images should be pointed directly to your brand, while others should include things that are related to it or deeply affect it. Others can include the solutions your brand provides. For example, if you are selling health products, you should include images with your products or images of people running or exercising with motivational text.

Layouts, colors and fonts are all important for creating images that represent your company and stand out from the rest.
If you achieve this, your images can be a powerful catalyzer that improves brand awareness and affirms your company further in your customer’s minds.

About Isabella Foreman: Isabella is a content writer by profession and enjoys writing on travel, photography, home improvement, and cooking. She spends her off-work time with family and travel to explore new places.


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