Blogs We Love and Why

Blogs are some of our favorite resources for researching everything from advances in technology to political and social media news, industry changes to entertainment, and fashion to travel.

Below, our team has broken down just a few of our favorite blogs and why we listen to their valuable advice:

Top Rank:

Lee Oden’s Top Rank blog is one of our top 5 favorite blogs. Although we heard about Lee before, we never listened to him speak until the recent 2010 Vocus Conference. We fell in love with his ability to share highly valuable and complicated SEO tips in laymen’s terms, which inspired us to visit his blog.

Overall, Top Rank continuously produces fresh, accurate content that is unique to the blogosphere, making it a top industry blog.

For tips and advice on social media and blog marketing, SEO, and marketing news, visit Top Rank blog.

Lee Oden's Top Rank Blog

AchieveMax® Blog:

I love this blog so much that I have an email subscription that I read whenever a post comes through. This blog inspires me through examples—and surprisingly, each post topic is almost always pertinent to what’s going on with me at the time. It’s an excellent leadership blog that I share with other business owners on a regular basis.

For inspirational tips and advice on recognizing and developing your intellectual assets, visit AchieveMax® blog.

AchieveMax® Blog

Duct Tape Marketing:

I love Duct Tape Marketing because of the great ideas John Jantsch has for the small business owner. John is very thorough in his research and writing, plus I enjoy his writing style.

For business success and marketing strategy tips, visit Duct Tape Marketing.

Duct Tape Marketing blog

The Ritzy Bee:

I love this blog for several reasons including their adorable graphics and design, stunning images, and fresh content. All of their posts, which relate to design and wedding creation, inspire and invite you into a world of creativity and imagination. I also love how they post almost every day because it gives me something to look forward to each day!

For amazing wedding ideas, crafting suggestions, and design tips, visit The Ritzy Bee.

The Ritzy Bee Blog

The Blog of Tim Ferriss:

I absolutely love Tim Ferriss’ blog because he’s so raw and real—all of his posts stimulate out-of-the-box thinking. Tim consistently provides posts that are controversial, newsworthy, innovative, and opinionated.

You might know Tim from his #1 New York Times bestseller The 4-Hour Work Week, where he teaches readers how to “live more and work less.”

Check out The Blog of Time Ferriss for lessons in success and out-of-the-box thinking.

The Blog of Tim Ferriss

Radian6 Blog:

I frequently retweet posts I find on the Radian6 blog, because they do such an amazing job at facilitating conversation and interaction among their blog readers. And it’s always refreshing to visit a blog that posts on a regular basis with a format that is easy to read when I’m on the go.

If you’re looking for amazing content on social media, customer-relationship management, and online marketing, visit the Radian6 blog.

Radian 6 blog

Michel Fortin’s Blog:

I believe that reading Michel Fortin’s posts makes me a better copywriter. And, he’s not afraid to express his opinion in a big way. I admire that.

For tips on copywriting, marketing, and life lessons, visit Michel Fortin’s blog.

Michel Fortin's Blog

What are you favorite blogs and why? We’d love to hear about them in our comments section!


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